Sri Lankan police search Vavuniya hospital after bomb tip off

Sri Lankan police armed with sniffer dogs conducted a search operation at Vavuniya Hospital earlier today, stating that they had been tipped off about a bomb on the premises.

Pakistani minister claims India ‘threatened’ Sri Lankan cricket players after tour pull out

At least 10 Sri Lankan cricket players announced they are to pull out of an upcoming tour of Pakistan, leading to a Pakistani minister claiming India had “threatened” the Sri Lankans. The 10 players, including the current Sri Lankan captain, pulled out of the tour of Pakistan due for later this month, citing security concerns. In response, Pakistan’s Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry tweeted, “Informed sports commentators told me that India threatened SL players that they ll be ousted from IPL if they don’t refuse Pak visit.” “This is really cheap tactic, jingoism from sports to space is...

Tamil family in Australia continue fight against deportation to Sri Lanka

A Tamil family in Australia, who are currently being detained on Christmas Island whilst they fight deportation to Sri Lanka, have appealed directly to Australia’s ministers to be allowed to live in the country as they await further legal proceedings.

‘Pace of progress remains slow in Sri Lanka’ warns UK, Germany and Canada

Canada, Germany and the UK expressed concern that Colombo has made “slow” progress on accountability, calling on the UN Human Rights Council and the international community “to give the necessary attention and support to Sri Lanka”. The states, whom alongside North Macedonia and Montenegro make up the Human Rights Council core group on Sri Lanka, said that “pledges made by Sri Lanka to its people are the essential ingredients for national healing, stability and prosperity.” Sri Lanka had co-sponsored a resolution in 2015 that mandated an accountability mechanism with international judges to...

Sinhala journalist interrogated by TID over reporting Kilinochchi JMO arrest

A senior Sinhala journalist was interrogated by Sri Lanka’s Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) for around six hours for allegedly threatening national security after reporting on the arrest of Kilinochchi’s Judicial Medical Officer (JMO). Kilinochchi JMO and senior Tamil doctor Dr S Sivaruban was arrested by TID on August 18 for alleged links to terrorist activities. Sinhala journalist Thinasena Rathgama was summoned to the TID in Colombo after publishing reports that the terrorism police were alleging Dr Sivaruban was involved in an assassination plot against former Defence Secretary and...

Tamil families rally across North-East on International Day of Disappeared

Tamil families of the disappeared held rallies across the North-East to mark International Day of the Disappeared and demanding justice for their disappeared family members. The largest of the rallies saw families from across the Tamil homeland joined by members of the public and politicians in a march from Vavuniya to Omanthai army check point, the location were hundreds of families surrendered their disappeared family members to the Sri Lankan army. Similar rallies were also held in Mannar and Batticaloa.

UN experts condemn appointment of Shavendra Silva

A group of UN experts expressed serious concern at the appointment of war crimes accused Shavendra Silva as Sri Lanka’s army chief, and urged the government to advance long overdue reforms of the security sector and investigate past abuses. On August 18, President Maithripala Sirisena appointed Shavendra Silva as Commander of the Sri Lanka Army, raising concerns of numerous actors, including the High Commissioner for Human Rights , due to his alleged involvement in serious human rights violations during the 25-year long civil war and especially the final phases of the war. “The appointment of...

TID arrest senior Tamil doctor, Kilinochchi locals protest

Sri Lankan terror police arrested Dr S Sivaruban, the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) at Palai Hospital in Kilinochchi, alleging he had links to terrorist activities. Dr Sivaruban was arrested in the Elephant Pass area by Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) officials at around 8.30pm on Sunday and then taken to his workplace Palai Hospital, which the TID subjected to a two-hour search. Following the search, a colleague of Dr Sivaruban’s was called upon by the TID and made to take over his duties. While Dr Sivaruban remains in detention reportedly with TID in Jaffna, Palai residents...

Sri Lanka wildlife dept seizing agricultural land in Mullaitivu

Sri Lanka’s wildlife department has taken over crop fields owned by Tamils and declared them as a wildlife sanctuary, despite the owners possessing centuries-old deeds for the lands. Residents of Kokkuthoduvai, a village of Mullaitivu District bordering Trincomalee have been distressed by the wildlife’s department’s seizing of their fields in Vellai Kalladi, Thimunthal, Kunchukaalveli and Kottaikeni and erecting boards declaring them state-owned sanctuary land. “In 1984, people of our village were systemically driven out by Sinhalese thugs and the whole village got displaced. Afterwards the Mahaweli ‘L’ zone was created under the name of Weli Oya and 1036 acres of our lands with tanks were seized and given to Sinhalese people,” said Sivalingam, a resident and member of the Karaithuraipattu (Maritimepattu) Divisional Council.

Sri Lanka defiant as criticism of army chief appointment piles on

The Sri Lankan government has lashed out against international criticism of the promotion of alleged war criminal to the post of army commander. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that “foreign entities trying to influence the decisions and internal administrative processes of public service promotions in Sri Lanka is unwarranted and unacceptable.” “Articulating a position of concern on this appointment by certain bilateral partners and international organizations, based on allegations, is regrettable and contrary to the principles of natural justice espoused by all...