Interview with TNA MP M A Sumanthiran: the Constitution, Transitional Justice and the Budget

Tamil Guardian sat down with Spokesperson for the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and MP, M. A. Sumanthiran at his home in Colombo last week to discuss matters of the constitution, transitional justice and the budget. The full transcript of the hour-long interview (with minor edits) is available here . On the Constitution Mr Sumanthiran was positive on the outlook of the recently released constitutional sub-committee reports, saying that a large percentage of what they contained “would be very acceptable to Tamil aspirations”. The parliamentarian said he believes that considering the Centre-...

New roads but tough obstacles remain – Interview with C V Wigneswaran

Tamil Guardian interviewed the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council C V Wigneswaran in London last week.

We must be ‘tough and supportive’ on justice in Sri Lanka – Interview with Stephen Rapp

Calculating the number of missing Tamils would be a lengthier and more arduous, but nevertheless important task acknowledged the former Ambassador. Former US Ambassador Michele Sison and Stephen Rapp meet with the Bishop of Mannar to discuss accountability in 2014. Photograph: TamilNet “People like the Bishop of Mannar look at census figures at the two relevant districts from October 2008 and look at the number of people that were in Menik Farm and other refugee centres, note that during that time period there was a very tight cage that would have prevented leakage in any direction, suggests...

We must be ‘tough and supportive’ on justice in Sri Lanka – Interview with Stephen Rapp

Stephen Rapp met with journalists at the Jaffna-based Uthayan in 2014. In the background are photos of staffers who have been either murdered or attacked. The crimes remain unsolved. The lack of progress towards justice, alongside the government’s apparent reversal on an accountability mechanism, has left the Tamil victims exacerbated, he acknowledged. During Friday’s report launch Mr Rapp recalled speaking to Tamil victims during his visit to the North-East. Some tearfully told him how they had nothing to live for. “In one sense of course I can understand knowing so well the concerns of...

We must be ‘tough and supportive’ on justice in Sri Lanka – Interview with Stephen Rapp

The former US Ambassador-at-large for Global Criminal Justice Stephen Rapp speaks to the Tamil Guardian about the road to justice in Sri Lanka.

Though changes may be slow, no need to compromise demands - MA Sumanthiran

Tamil Guardian caught up with Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian after his parliamentary speech on Sri Lanka’s constitutional assembly speech last week.

"As an artist I’m still dealing with being a refugee" - Interview with M.I.A.

“I’ve always been vocal from day one about the fact that I was a refugee and not a migrant. There was no secret. I actually left Sri Lanka because we were bombed and shot at.” The global icon talks politics and life with Tamil Guardian.

Colombo has a stronghold on North-East of Sri Lanka: Interview with APPG-T Chair James Berry

As discussions on how to deal with the findings of the UN investigation into Sri Lanka’s mass atrocities (OISL) reach fever pitch, the newly elected chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, James Berry, spoke to the Tamil Guardian last week. Speaking ahead of the release of the UN report into mass atrocities and after meeting the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, the APPG-T chair reiterated calls for normalcy in the North-East and stressed the need for any process to deal with the findings of the OISL to have the full confidence of the victims.

Sexual violence against Tamils ‘systematic’, ‘part of policy framework’: Interview with Yasmin Sooka

Photograph SL Campaign As the global summit on preventing sexual violence in conflict gets underway in London, the Tamil Guardian spoke on Tuesday to Yasmin Sooka, one of the three co-authors of the 2011 UN Panel of Experts report into wartime mass atrocities in Sri Lanka and co-author of the ' An Unfinished War: Torture and Sexual Violence in Sri Lanka 2009—2014 ' report on post-war Sri Lanka. In comments ahead of an event on Wednesday focused on sexual violence in Sri Lanka and hosted by the Canadian High Commission, Ms. Sooka, Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights in South...

'North-East demands international investigation' - Interview with MK Shivajilingam

Photograph:eKuruvi Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member of the Northern Provincial Council, MK Shivajilingam has said the people of the North-East have now demonstrated to the international community their demands for a international independent investigation, with the unanimous passing of a Northern Provincial Council (NPC) resolution. In an interview with Tamil Guardian earlier this week, Shivajilingam stated that any domestic investigation by Sri Lanka should be rejected and only an international investigation can bring progress and justice, a demand stated in a NPC resolution passed earlier this year.