British Tamils renew their commitment to a free and independent Tamil Eelam

(Photo - Mullivaikkal remembrance 2022) Marking the 14 th anniversary of the Mullivaikkal genocide, British Tamils gathered in parliament to commemorate the tens of thousands killed during the genocide as well as renew their commitment to the principles of the Vaddukoddai Resolution.

Sri Lankan military obstructs Mullivaikkal memorial float as commemorations continue across North-East

A memorial float dedicated to the victims of the genocide at Mullivaikkal was obstructed by a Sri Lankan soldier as it travelled through Chavakachcheri, Jaffna yesterday.

Athi Lingeswaran temple priest summoned again by Sri Lankan police

In an ongoing investigation, the priest of the Athi Lingeswaran temple has once again been summoned by the Nedunkeni police for questioning over the temple's finances. On May 14th, one of the priests at the temple and his wife were called in for questioning by the Nedunkeni police which lasted for over three hours. During the questioning, the police asked them about the temple's source of funding for the construction of the staircase leading to the temple atop the mountain, as well as the financing of the recently replaced temple idols. This development comes just days after the priest and...

Victims of Kumuthini boat massacre remembered 38 years on

The 38th anniversary of the Kumudini Boat Massacre was solemnly observed on Delft Island today, as people gathered to remember the 36 Tamils who were killed by Sri Lankan naval officers. On May 15 1985, six plain clothed Navy officers boarded the Kumuthini boat and pointed a gun at passengers before ordering them to come up to the main deck one by one and shout their name and destination. Each passenger was then hacked to death. The commemoration took place at the monument erected in memory of the massacre, situated near the jetty on Delft Island. Religious observances were held at the St...

38 years since Kumuthini boat massacre by Sri Lankan Navy

Today marks 38 years since 36 Tamils were massacred by Sri Lankan Navy officers on board the Kumuthini boat on May 15, 1985. File photograph Eye witnesses reported seeing six plain clothed Navy officers boarding the Kumuthini boat and pointing a gun at passengers before ordering them to come up to the main deck one by one and shout their name and destination. The names of those who lost their lives in the Kumuthini boat massacre Each passenger was then hacked to death. Witnesses reported seeing hacked body parts and blood across the deck. Amnesty International identified 23 of the victims and...

Mullivaikkal memorial float travels through North-East to commemorate Tamil genocide

A memorial float travelled through Mullaitivu today to mark the third day Tamil Genocide Remembrance Week commemorating the tens of thousands killed by the Sri Lankan state 14 years ago. As the float travelled through Mullaitivu, residents paid their respects to those who were massacred in Mullivaikkal by laying flowers in the float. The float will travel to Kilinochchi and Jaffna over the next few days before heading back to Mullivaikkal where Tamils will gather to commemorate the Tamil genocide on May 18.

'Don't let Sri Lanka hide Tamil genocide!'- Australian Tamils rally to commemorate Mullivaikkal genocide

Tamils in Melbourne and Sydney rallied today to remember the Mullivaikkal genocide where the Sri Lankan state killed tens of thousands of Tamils in May 2009.

Athi Lingeswaran temple priest and member released on bail following arrest by Sri Lankan police

The priest and member of Athi Lingeswaran temple were released on bail yesterday after they were arrested by Nedunkeni police.

Mallakam Magistrate Court orders no obstruction to worship at Tissa Rajamaha Vihara in Thaiyiddy

Mallakam Magistrate Court has issued an interim order that there should be no obstruction of worship or festivals conducted at the Tissa Rajamaha Vihara in Thaiyiddy, Point Pedro. The court order specifically named the Palaly police station and Tamil National People's Front (TNPF) MP Selvarajah Kajendren in its order. The court also ordered that no one should disrupt the peace, and all barricades that lead to the temple and in front of the temple need to be dismantled. The worshippers, monks, worship, or festivities should also not be obstructed. The court ruling comes after a series of...

Oddusuddan residents demand release of Sri Lankan army occupied lands

Residents of Oddusuddan, Mullaitivu have requested the release of land that is currently occupied by Sri Lanka's 64th Regiment during a development meeting last week. The 64th Regiment army base currently occupies 25 acres of land belonging to the Irrigation Department, two individuals and a Hindu cemetery. All those present at the meeting were asked to produce the title deeds of the lands. An army official told those at the meeting that the land belonging to the two individuals and the cemetery would be released but a decision relating to the Irrigation Department's land would be made at a...