‘Why aren’t we allowed to live on our lands?’ – Tamils protest construction of Buddhist vihara

Dozens of Tamils were joined by politicians as they demonstrated against the illegal construction of a Buddhist vihara in Kurunthurmalai, Mullaitivu earlier today. Sri Lankan authorities have continued with the construction of the Buddhist shrine on Kurunthurmalai, a hill-top site of an ancient Tamil temple in the district’s Thannimurippu area, despite a Sri Lankan court order barring any new construction.

Another interrogation for Thileepan memorial convoy in Vavuniya

Sri Lankan police halted a travelling memorial dedicated to Lt Col Thileepan in Vavuniya on Monday, as the organisers of the remembrance convoy were subjected to further harrassment and intimidation. Police in Vavuniya stopped the memorial, which is being organised by the Tamil National People’s Front, and questioned the activists travelling with it. After being questioned and having photographs of their ID cards taken, the activists were eventually allowed to continue. In Mannar yesterday, armed Sri Lankan soldiers also stopped the convoy as it travels across the Tamil homeland to...

Sri Lankans protest outside Ranil’s hotel in London after Queen’s funeral

A small group of British Sri Lankan protestors demonstrated outside a hotel in Central London this morning. Approximately a dozen protestors gathered outside the InterContinental London Park Lane, where Sri Lankan president Ranil Wickremesinghe is thought to be staying. The protestors held Sri Lankan flags and placards denouncing him as a “fake president”. Though placards echoed one of the longstanding Tamil demands to repeal Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), none of the other placards called for an international accountability mechanism for genocide or a complete...

RECAP – Week 1 of 51st UNHRC session

With the release of the revised draft resolution, Tamil Guardian looks back at the proceedings of the 51 st UN Human Rights Council session.

Second draft resolution fails to recognise root causes of Sri Lanka's crisis

A second draft resolution focusing on Sri Lanka has been released by the United Nations Human Rights Council today. The amended resolution does little to strengthen accountability measures and the change of wording reveals a fundamental failure to recognise the root causes of Sri Lanka’s woes.

Sri Lankan military threatens Thileepan commemoration convoy

Several armed Sri Lankan soldiers halted and questioned organisers of a travelling memorial dedicated to Lt Col Thileepan in Mannar earlier today. The memorial, organised by the Tamil National People’s Front was halted by the military in Mannar, by the Madhu Road junction. Several of the activists who were travelling with the memorial were subsequently questioned and threated by the Sri Lankan soldiers. Events have been taking place across the Tamil homeland to mark 35 years since Thileepan’s hunger strike. Thileepan began his fast on 15th September 1987, surrounded by over 100,000 supporters...

Britain’s new king and his autocratic friends

Amidst growing concerns over the worsening human rights situation in Sri Lanka, Britain’s new head of state, King Charles III, met with Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe, where the two were pictured in conversation. The meeting follows growing criticism of the Britain’s new hereditary monarch who has held 95 meetings with 8 repressive monarchies in the Middle East since the ‘Arab Spring’ protests of 2011 and for his role in promoting 14.5-billion worth of UK arms exports to these regimes.

‘This is an illegal arrangement’ - Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry slams Tamil torture survivors

Responding to the news of seven Eelam Tamils being captured and tortured by Russian forces, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry slammed the asylum asserting that they are illegal migrants and refuse to return to Sri Lanka. “They have gone through a human smuggling agent in January without knowing where their destination is going to be. They have come to Ukraine, they don’t know at which airport they landed. Then they have been taken in a vehicle for so many days” a senior Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry official stated. They added that “this illegal agent arranged for them to work in a factory until...

Eelam Tamils tortured by Russia in Ukraine

Photograph: Public Kharkiv Several Eelam Tamils were captured by Russian forces in Ukraine and tortured for months, before finally being released earlier this month. The group, made up of 6 men and 1 woman, were held captive by the Russian forces in Vovchansk during the occupation of the city. It was recaptured by Ukraine earlier this month. A senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Daily News that the group were all Tamils. "We thought we would never get out alive," Dilujan Paththinajakan told the BBC. Photographs: Public Karkhiv, Suspline The group were held captive for four...

In pictures - Thileepan memorial convoy reaches Mullivaikkal

A travelling memorial dedicated to Lt Col Thileepan, a political leader of the LTTE who undertook a hunger strike until death in 1987, travelled through Mullivaikkal this week.