Do they or don’t they? Sri Lanka’s Central Bank deletes call for diaspora cash

Sri Lanka’s Central Bank has deleted a call it put out to “Sri Lankans living abroad”, in a desperate plea for foreign remittances as a government delegation meets with the International Monetary Fund this week hoping for a bailout loan. The tweet, deleted within hours of being posted last week, lists four different bank accounts that those abroad can send “much needed foreign exchange to”. The accounts were listed in the US, Germany and London. “CBSL assures that such foreign currency transfers will be utilised only for essential imports including food, fuel and medicines,” it added. However...

India slams ‘fake and fabricated’ image on Sri Lanka becoming ‘a state of India’

The Indian High Commission in Colombo has issued a series of tweets slamming a “morphed image” which claims to be from India’s external affairs minister, offering to proclaim Sri Lanka “become a State if India” in response to the ongoing economic crisis. The fake tweet, which the High Commission said is “completely fake and fabricated” claims to show a tweet from S Jaishankar, stating that “India is extending a hand of survival to people of Sri Lanka” and “will look after all the future issues of Sri Lanka too”.

Rajapaksa brothers claim Sri Lankan Police will conduct ‘impartial’ inquiry into police shooting

Responding to international outcry over the police shootings in the southern city of Rambukkana, Sri Lanka’s President and Prime Minister, Gotabaya and Mahinda Rajapaksa, claimed on Twitter that Sri Lankan police would carry out an “impartial and transparent inquiry”. Deeply distressed following the tragedy in Rambukkana. I have every confidence that a strict, impartial investigation will be carried out by @SL_PoliceMedia who've always served #lka with utmost honor. I urge protesters to engage in their civic right with equal respect & honour. — Mahinda Rajapaksa (@PresRajapaksa) April 20...

India urges IMF to support Sri Lanka    

As Sri Lanka enters discussions with the International Monetary Fund, India has offered its support by calling on the IMF to “urgently provide financial assistance”.

Tamils thwarted by Sri Lankan police from commemorating Annai Poopathy

#SriLanka Police forcibly prevented Tamils in #Batticaloa from lighting a lamp in memory of Annai Poopathy aka Kanapathypillai Poopathy, a 56 y/o #Tami mother fasted unto death on April 19, 1988 to protest the atrocities committed against Tamils by Indian Peace Keeping Force. — JDS (@JDSLanka) April 19, 2022 Sri Lankan police obstructed Tamils in Batticaloa from lighting a lamp to mark the 34th death anniversary of Annai Poopathy, who fasted unto death in protest against the atrocities committed by the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF).

International outcry over Sri Lankan police firing at protesters

Several heads of diplomatic missions including the UK, US and Canada condemned the violence in Sri Lanka as Sri Lankan police opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in the town of Rambukkana, killing at least one person and injuring several. Sarah Hulton, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, stated on Twitter: I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of life in protests in Rambukkana. An independent and transparent investigation is essential. I condemn violence in all forms and call for restraint. The right to peaceful protest must be protected. — Sarah Hulton OBE (@SarahHultonFCDO) April...

Sri Lankan police block Annai Poopathy's daughter from visiting mother's grave

Sri Lankan police blocked Annai Poopathy's daughter from visiting her mother's grave to mark her 34th death anniversary. Earlier today, Annai Poopathy's daughter, Ms Lokeshwaran Santhi was told by Sri Lankan police officers that she was not allowed to commemorate her mother at her resting place in Navalady, Batticaloa. The officers claimed that Santhi was paying homage to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Santhi was forced to hold a private commemoration in her home to remember her mother's sacrifice. Poopathy Kanapathipillai , fondly referred as 'Annai Poopathy', was a member of...

US Ambassador calls for ‘full transparent investigation’ into Sri Lankan shooting as outrage grows

Spent shell cases from live rounds fired at the protestors earlier today. The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung has called for a “full, transparent investigation” after Sri Lankan police shot dead one protestor and injured several others just hours ago in the town of Rambukkana, where a demonstration had been taking place. “I am deeply saddened by the horrible news coming out of Rambukkana,” tweeted the ambassador. “I condemn any violence - whether against protesters or police - and call for restraint & calm from all sides. A full, transparent investigation is essential & the...

Sri Lankan security forces shoot dead protestor whilst others remain critical

Sri Lankan security forces have fired at protestors in Rambukkana, leading to at least one person being confirmed dead and several others in critical condition. There are fears that the death toll may rise, with the number of injured people estimated to be at approximately 12. The deceased man has since been identified as a former member of the United National Party's Youth Wing. Mihiri Priyangani, director of the Kegalle Teaching Hospital, told Reuters that they could not yet confirm the exact cause of death of the man but they "are suspecting gunshot injuries". The killing would be the...

TNA remember Annai Poopathy's sacrifice

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) paid tribute to Annai Poopathy at the party’s Kilinochchi office this morning to mark 34 years since her death. Annai Poopathy fasted unto death in protest against the atrocities committed by Indian Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF). She died on April 19th 1988, after thirty days of fasting. Yesterday, the The Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) received notice from the Batticaloa Magistrate’s Court informing the party that all commemorative events planned to mark the death of Annai Poopathy were to be banned.