Ammunition found in Vavuniya restaurant says police

Sri Lankan police said ammunition was found at a raid on Dawood Restaurant in Kanakarayankulam, Vavuniya yesterday.

UNP discusses appointing Fonseka as law and order minister

The Sri Lankan government is discussing appointing the former army chief, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as the head of the law and order ministry, the UNP chairman, Kabir Hashim told journalists yesterday.

NTJ paid by Sri Lankan intelligence, soldiers organised police murder - cabinet spokesperson

Sri Lanka’s cabinet spokesperson said that at least four army officers were involved in organising the assassination of police officers in Batticaloa last year, and claimed dozens of National Thawheed Jammath members (NTJ) were on the payroll of Sri Lankan intelligence linked to Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

US warns 'active planning' for fresh attacks

Alaina Teplitz, the US ambassador to Sri Lanka, said that some militants involved in the Easter Sunday attacks may be at large and could be plotting fresh attacks. “Tremendous progress has been made towards apprehending those plotters but I don’t think the story is over yet,” Teplitz said in an interview with Reuters. “We do believe that there is active planning under way.” Sri Lankan security forces are continuing a high level of alert amid intelligence reports that the militants were likely to strike before the start of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan which is scheduled to begin on May 6...

Sri Lanka lifts social media ban but emergency rule still in place

The Sri Lankan government announced that it has lifted the ban on social media, however emergency regulations remain in place across the island. Reuters reports that the ban on platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber “has been lifted with immediate effect”. However, emergency regulations remain in place, granting the security forces wide ranging powers of detention. Heightened security measures have been put in place, with several checkpoints set up and armed troops patrolling the streets. Sri Lanka’s president vowed that “every household” would be searched in the aftermath of the...

Human Rights Watch calls on Sri Lanka to protect all communities whilst safeguarding basic rights

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a statement calling on the government to protect refugees and asylum seekers whilst ensuring basic rights are safeguarded. This statement follows local attacks on Muslim minorities in retaliation for the Easter Sunday bombings which killed over 250 people. The report states that nearly a thousand refugees and asylum seekers were displaced from their homes as landlords came under pressure to evict them. They have since sought shelter in nearby mosques or at the police station in Negombo. There are reports from the Ahmadiyya community of people being...

Bullets and camouflage holster found in Jaffna mosque

Sri Lankan police reportedly found two rifle bullets and a camouflaged holster following a raid on a mosque in Jaffna, as the security forces continue to carry out raids across the North-East. The ammunition was found along with firecrackers at the Mankumpan Mosque, in Thevagam, Jaffna in a raid on Monday. One person has reportedly been taken into police custody. Military personnel, Special Task Force officers, and police were seen in heightened numbers across the North-East, with temporary checkpoints, bag checks and house to house searches reported. Read more: Increased security presence...

‘The stupidest thing to do’ - Muslims react to Sri Lanka’s veil ban

Sri Lanka’s Muslims have reacted to the the government’s announcement of a ban on full face coverings, which make up part of traditional Muslim attire for some women, calling it “the stupidest thing to do”. Hilmy Ahmed, vice-president of the Sri Lanka Muslim Council, told the BBC that the Muslim community had already been told its women to avoid leaving the house wearing a full face veil. "It is the stupidest thing to do,” he said. “Three days ago we [the Muslim community] took a voluntary decision regarding this. The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema told all Muslim women not to wear face veils...

Hundreds attend funeral of Swiss Tamil couple killed in blasts

Hundreds attended the funeral of a Swiss Tamil couple who were killed in the Easter Sunday blasts in Colombo. The funeral of Mr and Mrs Vigneswaranathan, who were killed while eating breakfast at the Kingsbury Hotel, took place in Bern on Monday.

Sivaram remembered 14 years on

The abduction and murder of the Tamil journalist, Sivaram, was remembered today at events in Batticaloa and Jaffna, 14 years on.