Sri Lanka extends state of emergency by another month

The Sri Lankan government extended the state of emergency by another month yesterday issuing an extraordinary gazette to that effect.

Army distributes its magazine to Mullaitivu schools

The Sri Lankan army was seen distributing its magazine praising its activities in the Northern province, to schools in Mullaitivu this week.

US representatives urge action on Sri Lanka amid escalating tensions

United States Representatives Ilhan Omar, Bill Johnson and Jim McGovern on Friday urged the State Department to assert the need for respect for due process, religious minorities and the rule of law. “Tensions are escalating in Sri Lanka, where the peace remains fragile. I urge the Ambassadors for Religious Freedom and War Crimes Issues to respond before matters get worse,” said Rep. Ilhan Omar. “The United States must stand for religious freedom and human rights here and abroad. As we work with our Sri Lankan partners to respond to the terrible attacks of Easter Sunday, we must maintain our...

Moody's warns bombings will impact GDP growth in Sri Lanka

The ratings agency, Moody's Investors Service warned this week that the Easter Sunday bombings would hit GSP grwoth and add greater pressure of the country's debt refinancing. "The primary challenge facing Sri Lanka is its large external debt refinancing needs over the next five years, with over $3 billion principal payable annually on external government debt over 2020-2024," Moody's analyst, Matthew Circosta. "While a range of financing options, including international dollar bond issuance and loans from bilateral and multilateral lenders, could support refinancing, the government is highly...

Sri Lankan military builds Vihara over Hindu site in Mullaitivu

The Sri Lankan military has built a large Buddhist vihara over the site of an occupied Hindu temple in Karaithuraipattu division in Mullaitivu.

Over 13000 families affected by drought in Mullaitivu

Drought in Mullaitivu has affected 13889 families, the district’s government agent said. The agent Roobavathy Ketheeswaran said that families who rely on agriculture had been the most badly affected. Officials were attempting to distribute drinking water to those who needed it, she said.

Prominent Sri Lankan monk calls for boycott of Muslim shops and stoning of doctor

A prominent Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka has accused Muslims of destroying the island’s majority Sinhalese community and called for a boycott of Muslim- run shops and businesses. Monk Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana, the chief prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of Buddhism said, “Don’t eat from those (Muslim) shops. Those who ate from those shops will not have children in the future. In another 10 to 15 years, we will know the consequence.” The monk also made reference to a Muslim doctor who has been in the centre of an unsubstantiated sterilisation claims. He said the Muslim doctor who had served in...

Chinese-backed Development Bank in talks with Sri Lanka for a loan of a billion US dollars

Sri Lanka Finance Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, has stated that he is currently in discussion with a Chinese-backed Asian Infrastructure Development Bank for a loan of up to a billion US dollars. In parliament, Samaraweera said he was "in talks with AIIB for close to a billion US dollars in funds for the power sector and highways development," The Chinese-backed bank has already confirmed it will provide 280 million US dollars for Colombo Urban Development and a project for landslide protection. There had been discussions last year of an offer of 300 million US dollars from Bank of China,...

Muslim politicians reappointed as ministers

Kabir Hashim and MHA Haleem, who resigned earlier this month, have been reappointed to their previous ministerial posts. Both of the UNP politicians were sworn in as ministers before President Maithripala Sirisena. Kabir Hashim was sworn in as Minister of Highways, Road Development and Petroleum Resources Development and MHA Haleem was sworn in as Minister of Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs. On June 3, three ministers and five junior ministers resigned from their cabinet positions saying they had done so as a result of the “hate culture” against Muslims in government at present...

Vavuniya residents protest lack of housing

Residents from Iluppaikulam in Vavuniya protested yesterday against the lack of adequate housing, calling on the government to establish a housing scheme.