A cynical move to ‘sustain a frightening campaign of repression’ – Sri Lankan civil society sceptical over move to decriminalise homosexuality

In response to a private member’s bill which seeks to decriminalise same-sex relations between consenting adults, a collection of over thirty civil society organisations and individuals questioned this gesture as Sri Lanka’s president continues a “systemic campaign to arrest and detain protesters involved in the aragalaya protests”.

TGTalks - Instability: Sri Lanka in constant crisis

Tamil Guardian hosted a Twitter space joined by Dr. Madurika Rasaratnam where the causes of the current economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka were discussed. Dr. Madurika Rasaratnam is a lecturer in Comparative Politics at City, University of London. Her research is concerned with the comparative and international politics of ethnic and nationalist conflicts, conflict management and peacebuilding with a regional focus on the countries of south Asia. Dr. Rasaratnam is the author of ‘Tamils and the Nation: India and Sri Lanka Compared’ which was published in 2016. Dr. Rasaratnam began by...

Blue uniforms to return to Jaffna

The uniform of the Jaffna task force. Jaffna’s Municipal Council task force will take to the streets wearing blue uniforms once more, announced the mayor of Jaffna after a case against him was dropped last month. As the Nallur Temple Thiruvizha is underway and set to conclude with a grand chariot festival this week, Jaffna Mayor V Mannivannan said the blue uniforms that he was arrested over will be seen in public at the festival. Manivannan was initially arrested by Sri Lanka’s Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) in April 2021, who claimed the uniforms worn by the task force were similar...

Sencholai massacre commemorated in Berlin

German Tamils held a remembrance event in Berlin last week, to commemorate 16 years since the Sri Lankan air force massacred 53 school girls in the Vanni. The event consisted of poetry recitals and speeches, as well as a moment of silence to commemorate those killed. Members of the public were also given flyers on the massacre and other atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan state. See more photographs below.

More Eelam refugees flee to Tamil Nadu

At least two more Eelam Tamil families fled Sri Lanka and arrived in Dhanushkodi as refugees this week, with more looking to flee to Tamil Nadu in the wake of a worsening economic crisis and military occupation on the island. The latest reports state that 8 more Eelam Tamils, including two women, three children and a new-born, fled from Mannar on Monday night. They wee reportedly left stranded on a sandbar near Dhanushkodi for several hours, before a hovercraft from Mandapam was deployed to rescue them. After being handed over to the Rameswaram CSG, they were later sent to the Mandapam...

‘Gotabaya is not to blame for the country’s ills’ claims his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka’s former resident and ex-prime minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa, broke his silence over the weekend as he defended the record of his war-crimes accused brother and maintained that his only folly was that “he became soft”. “Gotabaya Rajapaksa is not responsible for all the country’s ills. Everybody, including me and the previous governments, would have to answer,” Mahinda Rajapaksa told the Sunday Times. He added that his brother had simply “acted on the advice of the experts he trusted”, alluding to successive governors of Sri Lanka’s Central Bank. Mahinda Rajapaksa further lamented the...

Local Tamils push back yet another land grab attempt in Mullaitivu

Locals in Mullaitivu managed to block Sri Lankan authorities from yet another land grab attempt as they looked to expand the existing 'Vattuvakal Gotabaya Navy base' by seizing 617 acres of private land.

Repeal the PTA

The Sri Lankan government have used the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to crackdown on anti-government protesters, with three Sinhalese student leaders being detained for their participation in the mass protests that swept the island earlier this year. Successive Sri Lankan regimes have used the draconian legislation for decades to detain Tamils and Muslims arbitrarily and to extract false confessions through the use of torture. While the legislation has been repeatedly condemned by activists in the North-East and the international community, Sri Lanka has failed to repeal it. A...

Global condemnation of Sri Lanka over anti-terror arrests of Sinhalese students

Representatives from the USA, European Union, Canada and international human rights organisations have expressed their concern and censured the Sri Lankan government over its use of anti-terror legislation to detain three Sinhalese student leaders this week. The activists were all arrested last week and are currently being held under the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), a piece of legislation that has come under criticism for decades for its arbitrary use against Tamils.

Remembering Sivamaharajah – The slain lawmaker and director of Namathu Eelanadu

A commemoration event was held in Jaffna this weekend to mark 16 years since the assassination of Sinnathamby Sivamaharajah, who was a former member of parliament, the veteran chairman of Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (MPCS) and the Managing Director of Jaffna Tamil daily "Namathu Eelanadu" when he was killed. Sivamaharajah was shot and killed inside his home in Tellippalai on August 20 2006. His home was located 300 meters inside the Sri Lankan military enforced Valikamam North High Security zone. The killing took place during a curfew. No one has ever been held responsible for his...