26 Tamils arrested in Kilinochchi

Twenty-six Tamils were arrested in Kilinochchi accused of trying to flee Sri Lanka by boat to Canada.

Former NPC member disputes Buddhist rewriting Mullaitivu history

A Sinhala Buddhist monk is attempting to rewrite and erase the history of a Tamil Hindu temple in Mullaitivu, former Northern Provincial Council (NPC) member T Ravikaran has said. Ravikaran was summoned for questioning by Mullaitivu police on Sunday, following a complaint by a Buddhist monk who has led the construction of a Buddha statue encroaching on the Neeraviyadi Pillaiyaar Temple premises in Semmalai, Nayaru. The complaint was regarding the digging of a foundation to restore the Hindu temple. Speaking to media after his enquiry with the police, Ravikaran said he had attempted to set the...

Mental health disorders affect over half of North reveals new study

A study by researchers from Britain’s Anglia Ruskin University found that 58% of the northern population suffered from mental health disorders from anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study, which was based of interviews with around 1,000 displaced adults at 25 hospitals across the north, also revealed that despite the high prevalence of mental illness, 83% of people reported they had not seen a mental health specialist in the previous three months. Dr Shannon Doherty, Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin and lead researcher in this project, said: “In the...

Crowds honour Major Pasilan's mother at funeral

Locals, family members and political figures from the TNA and TNPF paid their respects to the mother of the senior LTTE commander, Major Pasilan yesterday at her funeral. His mother had lit the lamp at Mulliyavalai Thuyilum Illam for Maaveerar Naal the past two years. The LTTE named a shell it had invented after Major Pasilan, who became a Maaveerar in 1987, naming it 'Pasilan 2000'.

EU, UK, Canada and Australia tell Sri Lanka death penalty is ‘unacceptable denial of human dignity’

The European Union and several other governments released a statement on Monday, calling on Sri Lanka to halt steps towards reinstating the death penalty, stating it was an “unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity”. The statement, which was issued in agreement with the embassies of France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and the UK, called on the Sri Lankan government to “maintain its moratorium on the death penalty”. “The death penalty does not solve this or other social problems in any society,” tweeted current British High...

Mullaitivu families urge international community to deliver justice

Families of the disappeared in Mullaitivu held a demonstration yesterday calling on the international community to deliver justice.

Thousands attend showcase of British Tamil businesses

Tamil businesses showcased their products and services at the 5th London Tamil Market this weekend, attended by thousands of British Tamils.

Vavuniya families of disappeared reiterate call for justice

Families of the disappeared in Vavuniya held a protest on Saturday, marking the 777th day of their campaign.

UN resident coordinator meets TNA leader

The UN resident coordinator for Sri Lanka, Hanaa Singer met with the leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), R Sampanthan on Saturday.

Dutch, Indian and Chinese troops learn from Sri Lankan military

The Sri Lankan military hosted an ‘Asymmetric Warfare Course’ in Trincomalee, attended by 22 foreign military personnel from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Netherlands, and Pakistan.