Dhee: Finding Home Through Music

"You're the cuckoo cuckoo Acca!" is a phrase Dhee loves to hear. In the world of music, few artists navigate the complex layers of identity and belonging as gracefully. The Australian Tamil singer has been making waves in Kollywood and beyond with her evocative melodies and heart-rending performances. Speaking to Tamil Guardian, Dhee opens up about her upcoming solo album, her musical journey, and the profound connection to her Eelam roots.

Tamil Eelam Women runners up in historic first CONIFA world cup

Tamil Eelam faced off against Sapmi in a thrilling final which saw the defending champions retain the trophy with a 2-1 win. The final was played at the home ground of FK Bodø/Glimt, the Aspmyra Stadium. The city of Bodø was chosen as the city to host the CONIFA WWFC2024. Tamil Eelam were participating in their first CONIFA Women’s World Cup with an energetic team chosen from players across the diaspora. The route to the final had seen the team score 3 goals and had now brought them up against current holders Sapmi. Prior to kick-off, both teams took a minute’s silence to remember the lives...

Tamil Eelam victorious against Székely Land at CONIFA Women's World Cup

Tamil Eelam secured a historic win against Székely Land Le at the CONIFA Women's World Cup. Matchday two of the CONIFA Women's World Cup saw Tamil Eelam play two games at Morkvedlia Idrettspark. The first game saw Tamil Eelam against tournament hosts FA Sapmi. The first half was physical with both teams unable to break the deadlock. The second half saw goals for FA Sampi with the game ending 0-2. Tamil Eelam's second game took place under the midnight sun against Szekely Land, which saw them victorious, winning the game by 1 goal. This was the second encounter between the teams, the first...

Tamil Eelam open CONIFA Women's World Cup

The CONIFA's Women's World Cup has kicked off with the inaugural game between Tamil Eelam and Székely Land. Tamil Eelam showed heart to twice come from behind to draw the game 2-2 against Székely Land. The first half saw Tamil Eelam working both wings to pressure the opposition. Passing the ball well Tamil Eelam were unlucky not to go ahead in the first 35 minutes. Tamil Eelam pressed well as a team, Székely Land could not consolidate play in the first half with Tamil Eelam closing down the centre. However, it was Székely Land to score first with a lofted free kick just before the end of the first half. Defensively Tamil Eelam held well in open play, Szekely Land had few chances. Though trailing now going into the second half Tamil Eelam had to dig deep.

Bringing Worlds Together - Yanchan Produced takes Tamil music to the NBA and beyond

Yanchan Rajmohan, professionally known as Yanchan Produced is a 29-year-old Tamil Canadian singer, mridangam player, and producer. Yanchan has gained recognition globally for his genre-bending style that brings together South Asian and Western Music, and recently became the first artist of Eelam origin to play their music for the National Basketball Association (NBA), performing at the first-ever Raptors South Asian Heritage Night. The Tamil Guardian recently sat down with him to talk about his passion for Carnatic music, carving out a space for himself in the music industry, and Tamil resilience.

Representation on the national stage - British Tamil gymnast and gold medalist speaks to Tamil Guardian

“I didn’t really believe it at first,” said Shobhitha Gnanaratnasingham as she reflected on her gold medal win last year. “It really took me off guard when everyone’s scores came out and I realised I had won!” The West London teenager was reflecting on her gold medal at the 2023 Acro, Aero and Rhythmic British championships last year, and how much it meant for her and the British Tamil community. “Initially starting out when I was young, I never really thought about how I would be some sort of representative for the Tamil community because I never really understood that there weren’t actually...

'Resonance of Genocide' - Swiss art exhibition commemorates Tamil genocide

All images courtesy of Phoenix TNG A multi-sensory art exhibition was held in Basel, Switzerland, over the weekend to commemorate and raise awareness on the 2009 Tamil genocide. The exhibition, organised by Phoenix TNG in collaboration with LOTTA, drew attention to the massacre at Mullivaikkal, where Sri Lanka's forces slaughtered an estimated 169 796 Tamils. The exhibition, which attracted over 200 visitors, guided them through the ten stages of a genocide, with artwork demonstrating each stage. The artwork also highlighted the parallels between the genocides in Tamil Eelam, and other...

Tamil Eelam reveals squad for CONIFA Women's World Cup

The Tamil Eelam Football Association (TEFA) has unveiled its highly anticipated squad for the upcoming CONIFA Women's World Cup set to kick off in Bodø, Norway, from May 27 to June 9, 2024. Comprising 22 talented players from various corners of the Tamil diaspora, TEFA is gearing up to showcase its prowess on the global stage. The CONIFA Women's World Cup, organised by the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), promises to be a thrilling spectacle of footballing talent from non-FIFA affiliated teams. In the group stage, Tamil Eelam will lock horns with opponents Tibet...

'Proudly and fiercely Tamil' - An interview with Sunthar V

Ahead of his headline London show, the comedian sat with the Tamil Guardian in London, wearing his “Seeni Appa" (Sugar Daddy) T-shirt, to speak about his Tamil identity and how it has been integral to his comedy and to his audience.

'A big honour to represent the Tamil community' - Meet Canada's National Wrestling Champions, Aaharen and Adsaya Piranavan

Tamil Guardian sat down with national winners of the 2024 Canadian Wrestling Championships, Adsaya and Aaharen Piranavan, accompanied by their parents, to discuss their passion for martial arts, healthy sibling rivalries, and the challenges immigrant parents face when trying to provide a better life for their children.