‘Sri Lanka’s Disappeared’ documentary released online

A documentary filmed and produced by British Tamil students highlighting the struggle of Tamil families of the disappeared protesting across the North-East has been released online today. The documentary, entitled ‘Sri Lanka’s Disappeared’, was made freely available online after a series of screenings worldwide over the last year.

TNA understands protesters' anguish but OMP is the way forward - Sumanthiran

The TNA spokesperson M A Sumanthiran said he could see the mental agony of the families of the disappeared who protested against the hearings of the Office on Missing Persons in Jaffna and Kilinochchi this month, however he said the party's view was that the OMP was the way forward. "We see the mental anguish of those who protest. However, in a situation like this, in order to handle this, a mechanism such as the Office on Missing Persons is very good. It is because of this that it has been created," Mr Sumanthiran said at a press briefing, when asked for his view on the recent OMP protests...

Tamil child arrested by Sri Lankan navy for ‘illegal immigration’

The Sri Lankan navy announced that it had arrested a four year old child and a 28 year old man, claiming that the two had attempted to illegally enter the island from India.

Genocide, immigration and music - M.I.A. documentary to be released later this year

Grammy and Oscar-nominated musician M.I.A. released a trailer for an upcoming documentary on her childhood earlier this week, reflecting on key events that have shaped her life including the genocide of Tamils.

DUP meets to discuss Paisley Jr's future

Senior DUP members met on Saturday to discuss the future of the MP, Ian Paisley Jr following his suspension from parliament for 'paid advocacy' for the Sri Lankan government. Mr Paisley Jr was found to have not declared trips to Sri Lanka worth up to £100,000, whilst supporting the then Rajapaksa government in an attempt to defeat a UN Human Rights Council resolution calling for accountability. The DUP has not disclosed the meeting's outcome, however the party is understood to be considering releasing a statement next week. Speaking to the BBC, the DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said that the...

China-SL hospital launched in president's home town

A 'China-Sri Lanka friendship hospital' was launched in Polonnaruwa on Saturday at a ceremony attended by the Chinese Ambassador Cheng Xueyuan and the Sri Lankan president, Maithripala Sirisena. The hospital, which will become a nephrology centre, "is being constructed following a request by President Sirisena to the Chinese government", China's state news agency, Xinhua reported. "Foreign patients who are suffering from kidney diseases can also seek treatment in this hospital once it is completed in 2020. We are thankful to the Chinese government for fulfilling the president's request and...

Japan and SL aim to increase military ties

Japan and Sri Lanka this week held discussions on increasing military ties and maritime safety during the third Sri Lanka –Japan Dialogue on Maritime Security, Safety and Oceanic Issues, which took place in Colombo on July 19. “Sri Lanka expressed appreciation for the extensive support extended by Japan to improve the maritime safety capabilities of the Sri Lanka Coast Guard including through the provision of two patrol vessels and numerous training opportunities,” Sri Lanka's foreign affiars ministry said in a statement. "The two sides also discussed augmented cooperation in multilateral...

More British MPs bribed by Sri Lanka claims UNP parliamentarian

A Sri Lankan parliamentarian claimed that the former regime in Colombo bribed at least five more British MPs today, after the UK Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards suspended British parliamentarian Ian Paisley Jr for not declaring trips worth up to £100,000. "There are at least five other British MP’s who similarly were bribed by the Rajapaksa regime to make statements supportive of it," claimed UNP MP Mujibar Rahuman. “We though these British MPs in tie and coat were honest respectable people, but they are worse." Mr Rahuman went on to question ”if a string of African leaders who...

Buddhist monk arrested for counterfeiting money

A Buddhist monk has been arrested in Chilaw on suspicion of counterfeiting money. Sri Lankan police arrested the monk who was in possession of counterfeit 1000 rupee notes after receiving information from businesses in the area, where the monk has attempted to make purchases using the counterfeit money. Counterfeiting equipment including two printers, a scanner and 200 sheets of special printing paper used for counterfeits were found by police when searching the monk’s resident temple in Mahameddewa, Navagaththegama.

Sri Lankan war criminals deployed as UN peacekeepers

Sri Lankan troops accused of war crimes have been deployed as United Nations peacekeepers in conflict zones around the world according to a confidential report by the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP). A document drawn up by the organisation and submitted to the United Nations names several senior Sri Lankan commanders who have been deployed in peacekeeping operations, since a massive military offensive in 2009 which saw tens of thousands of Tamils massacred by the Sri Lankan army. Amongst the regions senior Sri Lankan personnel have been deployed to include Mali, Darfur and...