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‘Future of Sri Lanka will be worse than anything we have ever seen’ warns TNA

Without a political solution to Sri Lanka’s enduring ethnic crisis and a new constitution for the island “the future of this country will be worse than anything we have ever seen,” warned senior Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran.

Speaking in parliament last week, Sumanthiran criticised the current government for failing to enact meaningful devolution of powers to the largely Tamil provinces of the North and East.

“This is not a threat,” he added. “Anyone who knows Sri Lanka's history will know this is the political reality.”

In his speech he added that the TNA had “worked so much, using all our political capital & effort”. “Was this constitution just a charade by the UNP government? Just to show the world how liberal you are?”

See his full speech below and more from the TNA twitter account here.

The Tamil National Alliance has come under fire for its support of the current Sri Lankan government, including as recently as this month when it voted against a motion of no-confidence.