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Tamils have lost all confidence in Sri Lankan govt say Tamil students

Tamils have lost all confidence in the Sri Lankan government, which has reneged on the promises it made to Tamil voters made during elections, Tamil students have said.

In a memo to the United Nations published to accompany their campaign for the release of Tamil political prisoners, Jaffna University and allied students across the North-East said “Tamils have lost any confidence in the Sri Lankan Government to address their legitimate grievances.”

The students also slammed the Sri Lankan President and his defence of the country’s armed forces at the UN General Assembly.

“The Sri Lankan President went all the way to the United Nations General Assembly to speak and to take steps to protect Sri Lankan Security forces that have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against Tamils,” they said. “But the same President is completely ignoring the plight of the Tamil political prisoners.”

The students called for the immediate and unconditional release of Tamil political prisoners and the immediate repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), as well as independent investigations into disappearances of Tamils.