The moderate position on Eelam

This is the moderate position on Eelam: Eelam is your right. It is not a gift, not an act of charity but something that is already yours. As with all things, you can claim it or lose it. Others can try to take it away from you but that would constitute an assault, a theft. When the founding fathers of America made the case for their nation, they did not rely on a cultural identity that had evolved over thousands of years. They did not rely on a common language, let alone a few thousand years of a shared literary heritage. They did not even rely on the concept of a traditional homeland. For,...

Genocide, the world and us: lessons from Jaffna.

What has the international community been doing in Sri Lanka?

We send them the money: so don’t complain

So Mahinda Rajapakse has abrogated yet another solemn pact with the Tamils for peace. And, we the Tamil expatriates keep sending his government billions of dollars every year with our spending habits. Our grocery spending is the most grotesque. There are those who ask why? “Why boycott ONLY the Sri Lankan groceries?” Why not the other ways in which the Tamil expatriates are sending money to Sri Lanka? Good question. Indeed, we Tamil expatriates do send billions of dollars to Sri Lanka in ways ‘other’ than with our ‘grocery-money’. There are those of us who buy Sri Lankan textiles in...

A game that will speak not its name

The Sri Lankan government is not declaring formally that a military operation into Vanni has already begun.

The War against LTTE: Can it be a pathway to Eelam?

The undeniable consequence is a strong sense of confidence among Tamils that they can perform better on their own and that secession is not too risky.

Bala Anna: a remarkable man, adored by the people he loved

On the first anniversary of the death of Mr. Anton Balasingham, we reproduce our sentiments of one year ago.

The futility of human rights monitoring

The current pattern of human rights violations reflects the new dynamics of war.

The ultimate form of ‘Right to Protect’ is self rule

Sri Lanka is not a failed state. It is actually a powerful and stable, if racist, state.

The long path ahead

They may kill the revolutionary, but the revolution will come.