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The attitudes amongst the Sinhala community is cause for cynicism amongst those attempting to bring about a new constitution and thereby find a solution to the protracted ethnic conflict.

Rajapaksa the liberator?

The President’s victory celebrations are contributing towards the further polarisation of Sri Lankan society along ethnic lines.

Beyond federalism?

Liberalism’s challenges in Sri Lanka.

I am not a terrorist

July '83 may have been the 'start' of the war, but the freedom struggle and the oppression it resists pre-dates that moment.

Why Tamils’ suffering is inconsequential

The international community wants to be seen to be ‘concerned’ - but without hindering the Sri Lankan government from carrying on with its war against the LTTE.

Only ceasefire agreement can save Sri Lanka - Tamilselvan

'The international community has not taken any concrete measures to end state violence against the Tamil people.'

What the Co-Chairs want

The EU, US, Japan and Norway urge Sri Lanka to give up push for a military solution.

Ethnic cleansing by decree

The international community is silent as the permanent eviction of tens of thousands more Tamils proceeds in Trincomalee.

And Then They Came For Me...

Secular Sinhalese hung their heads in shame last week as government storm-troopers rounded up the Tamil citizenry of Colombo and herded them into busses, to be taken to God knows where. Young and old, shy and bold, they were equally affected: no one was spared. Grandmothers separated from their grandchildren, sisters separated from their brothers, diabetics separated from their insulin. In scenes reminiscent of the Final Solution, the Mahinda Chinthanaya swung into action, leaving no one in doubt that Sri Lanka's is a government of the racists, by the racists, for the racists. It is but a...

From democracy to farce

“…there is no room anymore to assist terrorism directly or indirectly, and talk about democracy. This is because they use this democratic space to design the destruction of the entire society. The democracy that creates an opportunity for terrorism is a joke. It is no simple joke but a deadly joke.” - The President, Address to the Nation, 6th December 2006 The President’s statement is a chilling reality of what democracy is in Sri Lanka today. There is no cognition of diversity in the timbre of democracy, or what passes for it, in Sri Lanka today. Indeed, it is the democratic space itself...