The killings must be investigated

‘Many areas of the North and East have become zones of impunity for killers with different motivations and affiliations’

It does not matter a jot to the Tamils

Rajapakse has now won the prize that he has always wanted. It is up to him to abandon his racist allies and pursue peace.

Liberal economics and illiberal politics

Contemporary views tend not to associate ethno-supremacists with pro-globalisation policies.

When can minority votes count?

The furore over the Tamil boycott ignores a central question: under what conditions is the act of voting central to democratic governance?

The paradox of the Tamil vote

There are unassailable limits to the impact the Tamil electorate can have on the island’s political system.

A deficit in Sri Lankan democracy?

The assertion that peace requires the urgent democratisation of the Northeast conceals an unwillingness to confront two unavoidable realities of Sri Lankan politics.

Disarm the paramilitaries

Congress must pressure Sri Lanka's new President on Clause 1.8 of the Ceasefire agreement

All of us are patriotic

'We love our country and we belong to a party formed by the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka'

What is the LTTE up to?

Why, having quietly backed the UNP at previous Parliamentary elections, are the Tigers now uninterested when the most powerful political office in the country is up for grabs?

Today's UNP is no exception

A close examination of Ranil Wickremesinghe's policies and his brand of UNP also reveals latent Sinhala nationalist tendencies.