What ‘Responsibility to Protect’ means for Tamils

Though only recently invested in international law, the world is already facing a rhetoric-implementation gap on R2P.

A deadly franchise

The global war on terror is a smokescreen used by governments to wipe out opponents

The hunted soul of the Tamil Diaspora

The Tamils will never have a voice in legislation that threatens their physical and political safety. For everywhere but in Eelam, they are a minority.

Remember those who fled within

Currently there are 750,000 IDPs in Sri Lanka. And the humanitarian situation is critical and worsening by the hour.

Cafe d’ APRC - exclusively for foreigners

The attitudes amongst the Sinhala community is cause for cynicism amongst those attempting to bring about a new constitution and thereby find a solution to the protracted ethnic conflict.

Rajapaksa the liberator?

The President’s victory celebrations are contributing towards the further polarisation of Sri Lankan society along ethnic lines.

Why Tamils’ suffering is inconsequential

The international community wants to be seen to be ‘concerned’ - but without hindering the Sri Lankan government from carrying on with its war against the LTTE.

Beyond federalism?

Liberalism’s challenges in Sri Lanka.

I am not a terrorist

July '83 may have been the 'start' of the war, but the freedom struggle and the oppression it resists pre-dates that moment.

Only ceasefire agreement can save Sri Lanka - Tamilselvan

'The international community has not taken any concrete measures to end state violence against the Tamil people.'