Sri Lanka’s war in all but name

''Can the ceasefire in Sri Lanka survive the latest violence between the government and the Tamil Tiger rebels?''

‘We will retaliate against Navy aggression’

The head of the LTTE’s Political Wing writes to the head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, Maj. Gen. Henricsson over the clash last Thursday between the Sea Tigers and the Sri Lanka Navy.

We move with complete freedom

We have the power and right to develop the necessary infrastructure and military strength to provide security to our people within our homeland.

What next for the international community?

Resolutely backing Sri Lanka is not going to prevent a war nor deliver a federal solution.

A Tiger under every stone?

The paranoias of Sinhala Buddhist nationalism explained.

Collective punishment wins international consent

The notion of collective punishment rests on assigning collective responsibility for an action attributed to a representative member of that group.

Sinhala hawks have nothing to lose

The international community’s past policies towards Sri Lanka and its failure to revisit fundamental assumptions is fuelling the slide to renewed war.

Unitary state, united citizens and multiculturalism

Which – ethnic harmony or a unitary state – is more important to Sri Lankans?

India and Sri Lanka’s ethnic question

India has the additional responsibility to meet the expectations of other players in international affairs.

Sri Lanka’s enduring crisis of legitimacy

Sri Lanka is not so much a failed state but a state which, if you are not Sinhala, is so defective as to be beyond repair.