Sri Lanka’s war aim is to take the east

The Rajapakse administration is pushing for a new round of conflict - with specific strategic objectives.

How does rights advocacy fail?

What is the wider impact of selective criticism on the norm of human rights?

JVP, SLFP and ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’

Despite last week’s election, a major shift in the dynamics of the peace process is not in sight.

Hardly a vote for peace

Readings of last week’s election results are overly optimistic.

A stake in waging war against Tamils

Muslims are being coopted into the Sinhala state’s efforts to crush the Tamil struggle.

Southern politics and peace

Why is consensus amongst Sinhala parties so elusive?

Geopolitical interests have long impeded a solution

Interests from outside Sri Lanka that have played a significant role in prolonging the island’s war.

There are three southern poles now

Can a ‘national government’ leave out the JVP and pursue peace?

Who let the lions in?

The Ceasefire Agreement is at the heart of the contest between two antithetical visions of what Sri Lanka should be.

Friends in need

It is a tough game of numbers through alliances.