ECONOMY: 'Financial Meltdown Decolonising Asian Minds'

The year 2008 may well go down in history as a watershed in which the global financial crisis, precipitated by the collapse of Western economic models, ‘decolonised' Asians minds, say observers.

The Credit Crisis Comes to … Sri Lanka?

“So,” said the driver as we settled into our seats for a four-hour ride to our resort in Sri Lanka’s tea country, “Do you think the economic crisis will get better in 2009?”

Sri Lanka and the dark side of democracy

The historical link between the will of the Sinhala majority and war in the paradise isle.

The Land Of The Blind

So, did you heed the government's call and hang the Lion Flag over your front door last week? If you did, feel free to turn the page. If not, dear worthy, liberal-minded soul, we pray you read on.

Political implications of a military stalemate

Prof. Kumar David examines the potential political outcomes, should a military statelmate ensue.

It’s the Tamil Economy, Stupid

This is the second part of a 2 part series looking at the economic drivers behind the Sri Lankan state’s genocide of the Tamils

How India can resolve the Sri Lankan crisis

There is no purely military solution to problems of insurgency.

It’s the Tamil Economy, Stupid

This is part 1 of a 2 part series looking at the economic drivers behind the Sri Lankan states genocide of the Tamils

The Spectre of Stalingrad

Is one seeing a mini version of Stalingrad in the battle for Kilinochchi, the current headquarters of the LTTE? Could "Gen.Monsoon" and "Gen.Recession" put an end to the pipedreams of the Sri Lankan Army of a definitive victory over the LTTE?

Factual distortions can destroy the fundamentals of a community

This is a reply to the opinion published last week by Dr. A.R.M. Imtiyaz, titled “Why Tamil-Muslim unity crucial for peace”