Three-pronged strategy to undermine Tamils

The Tamils are being forced to look at precisely the solution that the international community does not want them to: the LTTE.

Return to sender

So much for Australia’s obligations under the refugee convention.

The LTTE makes its case

A strategic and astute ploy designed to exploit the fundamental weakness of the Colombo regime.

Militarization in Sri Lanka

For the most part, the Sri Lankan media establishment has lined up behind Rajapakse´s war.

Independence: a sham without human rights protection

There is no way in which effective human rights monitoring can be conducted by national institutions.

Clientilism: an entrenched obstacle

Donors' diagnosis of inefficiency or political interference does not capture the problem of pervasive and entrenched clientilism.

World should not ignore Rajapakse

Sri Lanka is seeing an escalating military campaign by the most hardline government since independence.

A ceasefire is needed for meaningful peace talks

The Norwegian-facilitated cease-fire of 2002 offered would offer a good base from which to launch a new peace initiative.

Media and violence in Sri Lanka

The real challenge in safeguarding social values in a democratic society is not during peaceful times.

Unconstructive engagement

'Tamils find little comfort in the expressions of concerns by the International Community'