Independence in today’s world

Ultimately, to be free, to be independent, we must first be self-sufficient, self-reliant.

Can Sri Lanka wage war without US support?

America’s simplistic approach to Sri Lanka’s conflict mirrors her support for Iraq’s former war against the Kurds.

The Invisible Madeleines

The plight of Madeleine McCann and other children who go missing around the world.

Why Tamils face international ‘shock and awe’

Like the Sri Lankan state, the international community has changed emphasis; the Diaspora is now mainly a problem.

Britain must support the principle of Tamil self-rule

The cardinal issue of Tamil people’s right to self-rule must be dealt with squarely if Sri Lanka’s bitter conflict is to be ended.

Buying time for war

The international community is backing Rajapkse’s war against the LTTE while loudly endorsing the manifestly ineffectual APRC.

Sri Lanka’s war has entered a new phase

The Tamil Eelam Air Force of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which has been in existence for at least nine years without the Sri Lankan intelligence having the least idea about its location and capability, went into action for the first time since its creation in the early hours of March 26. It was a conventional air attack and not a suicide mission. Two aircraft of the TAF flew over the Sri Lankan Air Force base at Katunayake near Colombo and dropped four bombs. At least three SLAF personnel were killed and about 20 injured. Two helicopters, reportedly given by Pakistan, were badly...

Sole representatives: why claim and why oppose?

The impossibility of the Tamil nation and the rejection of the most powerful Tamil actor’s sole representative claim have historical precedents in South Asia.

Flying Tigers send stark message

The Liberation Tigers’ bombing raid on the main Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) airbase at Katunayake last Monday has signalled what one security analyst has termed a new phase in the island’s protracted conflict. Other commentators, on the other hand, have questioned the efficacy of the Tamileelam Air Force (TAF). They point to the limited firepower of a handful of light aircraft in comparison to SLAF’s fleet of powerful jet fighter-bombers. Some have argued this has been further reduced by the loss of the element of surprise. But this analysis not only misconstrues the specific capabilities the...

Three-pronged strategy to undermine Tamils

The Tamils are being forced to look at precisely the solution that the international community does not want them to: the LTTE.