World should not ignore Rajapakse

Sri Lanka is seeing an escalating military campaign by the most hardline government since independence.

A ceasefire is needed for meaningful peace talks

The Norwegian-facilitated cease-fire of 2002 offered would offer a good base from which to launch a new peace initiative.

Media and violence in Sri Lanka

The real challenge in safeguarding social values in a democratic society is not during peaceful times.

Unconstructive engagement

'Tamils find little comfort in the expressions of concerns by the International Community'

The Left and Mahinda

Sri Lankas Left must take up Rajapakse's violent challenge to the forces of progress.

Would the real Dutugemunu please stand up?

Rajapakse's populist strategy has sought to harness the ideological force and mobilising potency of the Sinhala nationalism.

Cleansing the east of Tamils (updated)

Sri Lanka is changing the demographics of the east with international assistance.

Where does the Army go after Vakarai?

A Sinhala nationalist newspaper questions the importance of capturing a tiny town that most Sri Lankans had never heard of before.

What alternative?

Had Ranil been President, a more subtle program of dismantling the LTTE would have ensued. With Rajapske, a cruder set of tactics is being used.

New factors open India's door to the Tamils

Options hitherto frozen out by past history are being explored anew.