Time for Witness

The UN Secretary-General must speak out about civilian deaths in Sri Lanka wrote The Times in an editorial on 1 June.

Witness to disaster

The silence of those who were warned of civilian deaths in Sri Lanka is shameful. They must speak out now to prevent future atrocities wrote The Times in an editorial on 30 May.

Setting the hands of the clock right

The events of the past few weeks, while marking a dark phase of Tamil history and indelible shame on contemporary world leadership, have imperceptibly brought in new equations in global power politics.

The making of a liberal quagmire

The liberals have finally got what they wanted, the military defeat of the LTTE. But Sri Lanka is further from a liberal peace than at any point in its bloody sixty year history.

Demonstrate the politics of war

More than the massacre, maiming and incarceration, what causes the height of the trauma to Eelam Tamils is the utter disregard of the norms of civilization and shameful deceit committed by India, the International Community and the United Nations in the happenings of the island of Sri Lanka.

The Eelam Forecast

The Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora will take the place of the LTTE

Fighting the globalised Tiger

The Sinhala state's leading foreign policy advisor sets out a strategy for Colombo to fight Tamil aspirations.

This time we can't say

There is a saying that has become common amongst those in the United Nations Human Rights Council. When a tense stand-off arises someone will say "Let’s not play the naming and shaming game – let’s try and work together." Perhaps this "game" played in the most elite policy circles is counter-productive – but it does allow history to identify those in positions of power who were complacent, cowardly, and indecisive at a moment when hundreds of thousands of civilian lives were on the line. In the case of Sri Lanka, there is no shortage of those to blame, and the footage from the civilian carnage in recent weeks should put all of us to shame.

India makes rather a hash of things – again

Received wisdom for some years has been that Washington has developed a close understanding with Delhi on security issues relating to Lanka, and to put it loosely, had subcontracted its interests in this respect to India.

Tamils are sub human

As in the medieval Mahavamsa, so today, the Tamils are no longer human.