'Tamils have a fundamental right to remember their war dead' - British MPs commemorate Maarveerar Naal

In an act of commemoration, British MPs and ministers, have issued statements marking Maaveerar Naal and stressing the right of Tamils to remember their war dead and the need for justice and accountability in Sri Lanka. The statement comes as Sri Lanka's security forces ramp up their repression across the North-East and have brutally assaulted Tamil journalists for attempting to cover memorialisation events. Sam Tarry, MP for Ilford South Tarry's message called upon the British government to "play a leading role in calling out the Sri Lankan state" and stressed that any future trade deal "...

Tributes paid at the home of Lt. Shankar on Maaveerar Naal

The mother of a fallen LTTE fighter and former Northern Provincial Council member MK Shivajilingam were amongst those who paid tribute to Lt. Shankar this morning, the first Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadre, to die in combat on November 27, 1982. Shivajilingam and the mother of Captain Pandithar, another fallen cadre, were also joined by the former Valvettithurai Municipal Council Deputy Chairman and current member K. Sathees as well as others. Lt. Shankar's death at 6.05pm on November 27, 1982 led to the day being chosen as the day of remembrance for fallen LTTE cadre, known as...

EDITORIAL - The spark of resistance burns on

With the lifting of pandemic restrictions in some parts of the world, today many Eelam Tamils will once again gather in their masses to commemorate Maaveerar Naal, the day of remembrance dedicated to the tens of thousands who laid down their lives in the Tamil liberation struggle. Meanwhile, a familiar cloud hangs over the Tamil homeland, as the Sri Lankan state continues its efforts to stamp out the lingering memory of those sacrifices from the very land on which they fell. But despite using every weapon in its arsenal to clamp down on commemorations - from court orders to vandalising monuments , to roadblocks and supposed COVID-19 regulations - the Sri Lankan state has and will continue to fail in its mission to eradicate the Tamil nation’s spirit of resistance.

Tamils in New Zealand gather to commemorate Maaveerar Naal

Tamils in New Zealand gathered today to commemorate Maaveerar Naal, as Tamils across the world remember those who lost their lives in the Tamil struggle for liberation. Maaveerar Naal - or Great Heroes Day - remembers those who sacrificed their lives and is marked on November 27, in memory of the first death of a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadre, Lt Col. Shankar who died in combat on November 27, 1982.

Flowers scattered at Nandikadal lagoon to mark Maaveerar Naal

Flowers were scattered at Nandikadal lagoon at sunrise today by Former Northern Provincial Councillor T. Ravikaran amidst Sri Lankan military presence.

Sri Lankan soldiers attack Tamil journalist with barbed wire

Four Sri Lankan military personnel viciously attacked Mullaitivu journalist Vishvalingham Vishvachandran for taking a photo of a Mullivaikkal road sign.

Canadian Tamil Youth mark Maaveerar Naal

On Thursday, the Canadian Tamil Youth Organisation paid tribute to those who gave their lives to the Tamil liberation struggle in an event marking the “commencement of Tamileelam Remembrance Week.” Speech by Chair of TYO Canada, Sakan Somaskantharajah The event held in Scarborough, Ontario, included several speeches, plays, dance performances, and musical performances after hoisting the Tamil Eelam flag and lighting lamps. Dance Performance by Archana Atputharajah Community members gathered for a moment of silence and lay Karthigai poo’s in memory of the Maaveerar. The event included speeches...

British Tamil youth commemorate Maaveerar Naal

UK Tamil students and the Tamil Youth Organisation UK (TYO UK) held a Youth Maaveerar Event to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in the Tamil struggle for freedom. The remembrance event saw dance performances, poems, songs, and speeches in memory of the Maaveerars. Maaveerar Naal remembers those who sacrificed their lives and is marked on November 27, in memory of the first death of a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadre, Lt Col. Shankar, who died in combat on November 27, 1982.

Students commemorate Maaveerar Naal in Copenhagen

In the lead up to Maaveerar Naal, Tamil university students across the Denmark held events to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in the Tamil struggle for freedom. Students at University of Aarhus, University of Copenhagen and SDU Odense held commemoration events on the 24th and 25th. The remembrance event, ‘Youth Maaveerar Naal’, saw theatrical dance performances, poems, songs, and speeches dedicated to the lives sacrificed in the liberation struggle. The event initiated with the lighting of the traditional lamp, before raising the Tamil national flag to a song in memory of the...

Tensions as Sri Lankan army disrupts services at Mullaitivu church

Sri Lankan soldiers disrupted services at the St Joseph Church in Koolamurippu this evening, blocking entry to the shrine and telling worshippers and the priests to move the service to another day because it could not be held today. The incident created a tense situation in the area with locals reluctant to accept the army’s arbitrary prohibition. A local government member was called to the spot and confronted the soldiers. E. Chandraruban of Puthukudiyiruppu’s divisional council said that church services could not be rescheduled at the behest of the military, and demanded to be shown a court...