Sri Lanka shuts down Jaffna University and demands CCTV footage after LTTE leader birthday

Sri Lankan police and Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers have shut down University of Jaffna campus after students cut a cake to celebrate the 67th birthday of LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran earlier today, in a secret ceremony held on the campus grounds. “By the afternoon, everyone was chased out,” university sources told the Tamil Guardian. “The police told the [university] security not to allow anyone inside [and] CID and police are outside the university […] it’s a risky situation right now”

Maaveerar Naal bans revoked and injunctions dismissed in Northern courts

The Mullaitivu magistrate’s court revoked its ban on Maaveerar Naal and injunctions placed on dozens of Tamil politicians and civil society members, stating that the need to remember the dead was a fact of human nature. On Thursday, the Magistrate T. Saravanabavan amended the court’s earlier judgement which had granted Mullaitivu police’s applications for bans on commemorations, and 72 individual injunctions against politicians, activists and community leaders. Highlighting that representations of the leadership or insignia of banned organisations should not be used, the judge said that...

Jaffna University students mark LTTE leader Prabhakaran's birthday in secret

Students at the University of Jaffna cut a cake to celebrate the 67th birthday of LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran earlier today, in a secret ceremony held on the campus grounds.

'Human rights, accountability, and reconciliation' - UK Minister meets with TNA

Following high-profile meetings with the US State Department in Washington and New York, as well as meeting the British High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in Colombo, Tamil National Alliance spokesperson MA Sumanthiran met with Minister for South Asia, Tariq Ahmad. During the meeting, Ahmad stated that two discussed "upholding human rights, post-conflict accountability and reconciliation, as well as the importance of respecting the rights of all minorities". The meeting comes as the Foreign Office has issued a blistering statement on the continued state of human rights deterioration in Sri Lanka...

'We will not tolerate human rights abuses' - British MPs call for sanctions on Shavendra Silva

British MPs Elliot Colburn and Theresa Villiers have called on the British foreign secretary to impose Magnitsky style sanctions on Sri Lanka's army commander, Shavendra Silva, who has been credibly accused of war crimes.

Sri Lanka excluded from US democratic summit

In announcing the participant list for the virtual US “Summit for Democracy” democratic summit, which is to be held from 9-10 December, the State Department has excluded Sri Lanka amidst growing concerns over the island’s dire human rights record. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries, alongside China and Russia, which have not been invited to participate in this summit. 110 countries have been invited including India, Pakistan, the Maldives and Nepal. Notably, Taiwan has also been invited to participate in this Summit. According to the State Department the focus of the summit will be on: -...

Thousands of Karthigaipoo flowers laid out before UK Houses of Parliament to mark Maaveerar Naal

An installation was set up in front of Britain's Houses of Parliament in Westminster, Central London earlier today, with thousands of Karthgaipoo flowers bearing messages of remembrance to mark Maaveerar Naal.

TNA and GTF call for ‘proactive’ US role on Tamil political rights and Sri Lanka

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and Global Tamil Forum (GTF) have called on the US government to take on a “proactive” role on Sri Lanka and on “addressing the root cause of conflict and human rights violations, the denial of political rights to the Tamil people,” according to a press statement released after a series of meetings in Washington and New York. According to the press release from the GTF, a delegation of Tamils held a series of “significant engagements” with senior US officials last week. “The particular focus of the current engagement was to call for a proactive USG role in...

Jaffna University students pay tribute to Maaveerar despite court ban

Students at the University of Jaffna paid tribute to those who gave their lives to the Tamil liberation struggle today, despite a ban imposed by the Jaffna Magistrate Court on Maaveerar Naal commemorations. Students gathered at the memorial situated inside the university campus, bent onto their knees and laid flowers beneath it. Their tribute comes after the Jaffna Magistrate Court imposed a ban on the commemoration of Maaveerar Naal by members of the University of Jaffna, following an injunction filed by Kopay police. Amongst those mentioned in the ban include the President and the Secretary...

Valvettithurai council deny permission to use Theeruvil grounds for Maaveerar Naal

File Photo: Theeruvil grounds on Maaveerar Naal 2019 Valvettithurai city council denied permission to use the Theeruvil grounds for Maaveerar Naal commemorations following a request from the Sri Lankan security forces. Former member of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) M.K. Shivajilingam sought permission to use the grounds for Maaveerar Naal on 27th. In a letter, Council Chairman, Selvendra, responded he had been instructed by the Valvettithurai Police not to allow any events to take place on the grounds until the end of the month. File Photo: Theeruvil grounds on Maaveerar Naal 2019...