Scepticism over promises to rebuild Mullivaikkal monument

Jaffna University students and staff and the wider Tamil community have expressed scepticism over promises to rebuild the destroyed Mullivaikkal monument on campus. The monument was destroyed under cover of night on Friday sparking a wave of backlash and protest. A group of Jaffna University students undertook a hunger strike, demanding the monument be rebuilt. A hartal was called across the North-East, and businesses remained shut on Monday. Muslim leaders also lent their support, with Muslim businesses participating in the hartal in solidarity. Meanwhile outside the island, elected officials from Canada to Tamil Nadu expressed their outrage, and Tamils in Toronto, Berlin and Chennai held rallies, while social media campaigns from the Tamil community around the world went viral.

Remembering Major Sothiya

Today marks 31 years since the passing of Major Sothiya, the commander of the LTTE's first female unit. Maria Vasanthi Michael, known by her nomme de guerre ‘Sothiya’, was born on 20 September 1963. She first joined the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 1984. A formidable fighter, Sothiya took part in many battles, as female cadres began to take part in combat operations from 1986 onwards.

Attorney General drops case against Pillayan over murder of Tamil MP

The Attorney General Department told Batticaloa High Court today that it will not be proceeding with the case against Pillayan over the 2005 assassination of Tamil National Alliance MP Joseph Pararajasingham.

Mullaitivu farmers face severe difficulty as cattle die of starvation

Farmers in Mullaitivu district have expressed concern that their livestock is at severe risk of starvation due to malnutrition and that they have been suffering from the lack of proper grazing land for livestock since the time of resettlement. The farmers continue to face severe difficulties in raising livestock, particularly during the off-season. In the absence of any grazing land for the tens of thousands of cattle in the district, hundreds of cattle have starved to death to date. Farmers are having to depend on the shores and roadsides of ponds to raise their livestock, which continues to...

Protest in Germany condemns destruction of Mullivaikkal memorial

Dozens of Tamils protested outside the Sri Lankan embassy in Berlin today, as they condemned the destruction of the Mullivaikkal memorial at the University of Jaffna. As outrage continued across the globe at the destruction, German Tamils expressed solidarity with students at the University of Jaffna and demanded the memorial be rebuilt. The protest comes as politicians from around the world condemned the destruction. See photographs from the protest below.

British MPs call on Foreign Secretary to condemn monument destruction

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, a cross-party group of British parliamentarians, has condemned the destruction of the Mullivaikkal monument at Jaffna University. The group said it had called on the British Foreign Secretary to condemn the 'vicious attack' on Tamil remembrance. The incident has already drawn comment from Canada's Foreign Minister, who said he was 'heartbroken' at the destruction. See here for the full statement, also reproduced below. The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils is deeply concerned by the demolition of the Mullivaikal Tamil Genocide Memorial...

'Heartbroken' Canada Foreign Minister condemns destruction of Mullivaikkal monument

Canada's Foreign Minister has joined several Canadian politicians in condemning the destruction of the Mullaivaikkal monument at Jaffna University. Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne said on Twitter : "Heartbroken to hear of the destruction of the monument at Jaffna University to Tamil civilians who died at Mullivaikkal in 2009. Remembrance is crucial to understanding and moving toward reconciliation."

British MP speaks out against ‘senseless destruction’ of Mullivaikkal memorial and forced cremation of Muslims

Labour MP for Manchester Gorton, Afzal Khan , has written to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner demanding an end to “senseless destruction” and for the government to “avoid further abuses”. His statement follows mass protests in Jaffna as authorities destroyed a Mullivaikal memorial commemorating the deaths of tens of thousands of Tamils killed during the armed conflict. Whilst the Vice-Chancellor has given assurances that the destroyed Mullivaikkal memorial monument will be rebuilt, there is concern that he will not fulfil his promises. Khan also raises concerns over the denial of Muslim...

Hundreds protest for removal of Sri Lankan embassy in Chennai

Approximately 1,000 people participated in a rally in Chennai earlier today, as political parties across the board rallied against the Sri Lankan government, condemning the demolition of the Mullivaikal monument at Jaffna University. Indian police arrested some 600 people at the protest, including MDMK chief Vaiko, who headed the mass demonstration at Loyola college. Subsequently, when the protestors attempted to march to the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission, they were prevented by the police and detained. They were subsequently released in the evening. Tamil Nadu political parties including...

Hartal in full swing across North-East over demolition of Mullivaikkal memorial

A hartal is underway today across the North-East with businesses, shops and schools across the region shutting down in protest over the recent demolition of the Mullivaikkal memorial monument in the University of Jaffna. The destruction which took place at the middle of night on January 8 has caused massive outrage across the North-East, Tamil Nadu and the diaspora. In a move to express their fulmination against the act, Tamil political parties, student unions and civil societies urged businesses and the people to observe a North-East wide shutdown today. This call has received widespread...