More than 100 relatives of forcibly disappeared Tamils have passed away

More than 100 people belonging to associations of the relatives of forcibly disappeared Tamils across the North-East have lost their lives since their struggle for justice commenced. The relatives of the disappeared, which include mostly mothers and wives demanding to know the whereabouts of their sons and husbands, have been protesting for justice for several years now. Since their protests began, 108 people have lost their lives to various diseases and ill health, members of the association revealed. Nineteen relatives of the disappeared have passed away in the Vavuniya district alone. The...

Mullaitivu Press Club condemn brutal assault and torture of Tamil journalist

Photo by ethili.te Mullaitivu Press Club has condemned the brutal assault and torture of journalist Viswalingham Viswachandran for taking a photo of a Mullivaikkal road sign. Viswachandran was beaten by four Sri Lankan military personnel who used palmyra sticks wrapped with barbed wire. The journalist was severely beaten and had his camera and phone seized and had his motorcycle damaged. He suffered serious injuries and was later admitted into Mullaitivu hospital. Mullaitivu Press Club chide the assault as "yet another [attack] on media freedom and a serious human rights violation". They...

Netherlands Ambassador meets with Sri Lankan Foreign minister despite ongoing human rights concerns

Netherlands Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Tanja Gonggrijp, met with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, G.L. Peiris to mark the annual "Orange the World: 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence" despite ongoing concerns over the systemic use of torture and rape within the island. The meeting comes as Police Scotland has decided to not renew their training contract with Sri Lanka following the successful campaigning of human rights activists and Tamil victim communities. Responding to this achievement Yasmin Sooka, Executive Director of the International Truth and Justice Project, noted that...

Maaveerar Naal marked by Tamils in Norway

Norwegian Tamils held events in Oslo and Bergen to mark Maaveerar Naal.

Maaveerar Naal observed across the UK

UK Tamils joined the Tamil nation in observing Maaveerar Naal - Great Heroes Day - to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in the Tamil struggle for liberation. London Thousands of British Tamils gathered in London yesterday to pay tribute to fallen cadres. The event was also attended by Elliot Colburn, MP for Carshalton and Wallington who said: "We come together today to remember those who are no longer with us and also remember how much work there is to do". He went on to speak of a campaign to launch sanctions on Sri Lankans accused of war crimes - "particularly Shavendra Silva"...

Maaveerar Naal: Jaffna District

Maaveerar Naal commemorations started off early in the Jaffna District as tributes were paid at the family home of the first Maaveerar Lt. Shankar.

Tamil Americans mark Maaveerar Naal across the US

Tamil Americans in several states gathered to commemorate Maaveerar Naal to remember the lives lost in the Tamil Struggle for liberation. Maaveerar Naal, also known as the ‘Tamil National Heroes Day,’ is marked on November 27, in memory of the first death of a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadre, Lt Col. Shankar, who died in combat on November 27, 1982. Queens, New York California

Thousands gather across Canada to commemorate Maaveerar Naal

Thousands of Tamils across Canada gathered today to mark Maaveerar Naal, remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the Tamil struggle for liberation. Canadians gathered in Markham, Ottawa and Montreal.

'Tamil remembrance on Maaveerar Naal is a bulwark against Sinhala-Buddhist supremacy' - PEARL

Tamil remembrance activities marking Maaveerar Naal are "a bulwark against Sinhala-Buddhist supremacy" the People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (PEARL) said today. In a statement, the US based advocacy organisation highlighted the intensifying crackdown on Tamil memorialisation "with the Sri Lankan state using judicial and extrajudicial methods to prohibit and prevent commemoration events." "The state’s insistence on obstructing Tamil memory is intrinsically linked to the roots of the conflict in Sri Lanka," the statement noted. "The brave defiance consistently shown on a large scale...

Refusal to renew Sri Lankan police training contract comes despite the inaction of Scottish Justice Secretary claims Scottish MP

Speaking in Scottish parliament on the 30th international day for the elimination of violence against women, Labour MP Mercedes Villalba, welcomed the decision of Police Scotland to not renew its training contract with Sri Lanka but maintained that this came about " in spite of the inaction of the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans". The decision to not renew the training contract comes after years of campaigning by human rights activists and Tamil victim communities who maintain that the training provided political cover for an abusive law enforcement agency. In making the...