British Tamil activists commemorate Maaveerar Naal

Across the Thames, British Tamils have organised for a boat to carry a memorial message to mark the 33rd Maaveerar Naal, a day dedicated to remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the Tamil liberational struggle. The boat passed Westminster and carried with it the Tamil Eelam flag, a karthigaopoo and the message "we remember". The first Maaveerar Naal was held on 27 November 1989 in remembrance of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadre, Lt Col. Shankar, who died fighting for Tamil Eelam.

Sri Lankan soldiers question Tamil journalist at press office

Two uniformed soldiers questioned Tamil journalist Kanapathipillai Kumanan at Mullaitivu Press Club today as Maaveerar Naal draws closer. The soldiers belonging to the 591 Brigade asked Kumanan for the name and contact details of the president of the organisation, claiming that a new commanding officer was seeking the information of all commerical establishments in Mullaitivu. The soldiers left the office after Kumanan told them that he could not provide those details without knowing what they were being collected for. The journalists, who were preparing for a media meeting before the...

'I won't give space' for another Aragalaya - Sri Lanka's president threatens another state of emergency

"There are plans to organize another ‘Aragalaya’ to chase the Govt, but I won't give an opportunity for that. I will get the military & the forces and I will put a State of Emergency. I will also not dissolve the Parliament until economic crisis is resolved."- President @RW_UNP — Azzam Ameen (@AzzamAmeen) November 23, 2022 Speaking in parliament, Sri Lanka's President railed against the anti-government demonstrations that became known as the aragalaya , Sinhala for "struggle", warning that he would mobilise the military and bring in a state of emergency to end...

Students commemorate Maaveerar Naal in Copenhagen

At the University of Copenhagen, Tamil students have gathered to mark Maaveeerar Naal, a day dedicated to remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the Tamil liberational struggle. The remembrance event saw theatrical dance performances, poems, songs, and speeches dedicated to those who gave up their lives for the cause. The event initiated with the lighting of the traditional lamp, before raising the Tamil national flag to a song in memory of the first death of a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadre, Lt Col. Shankar, who died in combat on November 27, 1982. A commemorative...

Sri Lankan army ramp up surveillance ahead of Maaveerar Naal

The Sri Lankan army have intensified their presence in Jaffna as Maaveerar Naal approaches. The military have been patrolling the roads, particularly the areas around Koppay Thuyilum Illam. Earlier this month, plainclothed military officers attempted to intimidate Tamils who were clearing the Thuyilum Illam by taking their photographs. Tamils are subjected to surveillance and intimidation in the occupied North-East but the Sri Lankan state's forces inflate their presence across the region during Tamil remembrance events. In 1995, Koppay Thuyilum Illam was destroyed by the Sri Lankan army but...

EU reaffirms support as Sri Lanka moves towards ‘truth and reconciliation commission’

Sri Lanka’s foreign ministry has touted a ‘productive virtual dialogue’ with the European Union, reporting that the EU reaffirmed its commitment to the island and that they discussed the GSP+ arrangement, which sees favourable trading concessions to Sri Lanka. The virtual meeting was held last Thursday and was the first dialogue to take place between the two Parliament since the last in-person meeting in November 2017 in Colombo. During the session, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister, Ali Sabry, claimed the island had made progress on human rights and reconciliation by pointing to the 21 st...

Families of the Disappeared protest Sri Lankan president's visit to Vavuniya

Responding to a visit from Sri Lanka's president, Tamil Families of the Disappeared in Vavuniya staged a protest outside the Vavuniya District Secretariat office. The protest comes as Sri Lanka's President Ranil Wickremesinghe was set to inaugurate the Northern Province Coordination Sub-Office. Wickremesinghe has long been distrusted by the Families of the Disappeared, given his repeated statements that those who disappeared were "most probably dead" . Despite continued calls to release a list of all detained by the military, the Sri Lankan government has failed to do so.

Tamil students in Denmark mark Maaveerar remembrance week

Tamil students from Aalborg University in Denmark marked the first day of Maaveerar remembrance week, the week leading up to the Tamil national remembrance day of Maaveerar Naal. Over the next week, Tamils in the homeland and diaspora will commemorate those who gave their lives to the Tamil liberation struggle.

Sri Lanka's state forces watch over Maaveerar remembrance at Chatty Thuyilum Illam

Plain clothed Sri Lankan military officers watched over Tamils marking the first day of Maaveerar remembrance week at Chatty Thuyilum Illam yesterday.

Maaveerar memorial unveiled in Nallur

A memorial was unveiled in Nallur, Jaffna yesterday, to mark the first day of Maaveerar remembrance week. Parents of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadres inaugurated the event by uncovering 34 plaques which listed the names of all those who gave their lives to the Tamil struggle for self-determination. Lamps were lit and flowers were laid to remember their sacrifices. The memorial will remain in Nallur until Maaveerar Naal which falls on November 27.