Eelam Tamils protest Sri Lankan land grabs in Mannar

Eelam Tamil residents of Parangikamam, Iluppai Kadavai, and Antoniyar Puram, villages in Manthai West, Mannar, held a protest march towards the Land Reforms Commission demanding that the commission take measures to prevent land grab by foreigners, illegal Sinhala settlers, and the Sri Lankan security forces. Tamils in Antoniyar Puram who had been engaged in farming for more than 30 years close to the Chola Mandalam tank in Manthai were told that 2 acres would be given to each person to carry out their agricultural activities. Although the residents have been engaged in farming, they have been...

Who is Kamala Harris? A look at her Tamil roots

As US President Joe Biden dramatically dropped out of the upcoming presidential race earlier today, he announced his support for current Vice President Kamala Harris to be the Democratic nominee for the US 2024 presidential election. If nominated, she would be the first Black and Tamil woman from a major political party to be a candidate for US presidential elections.

'15 years of Official Peace' but still no justice

An event was held in Berlin last month to mark the launch of the latest UN report in Sri Lanka, highlighting the lack of justice and accountability for mass atrocities committed more than 15 years ago. The event, which was titled ’15 years of Official Peace’, was held in Berlin at the Senate Hall of Humboldt University and was co-hosted by Medico International, ECCHR, and Sri Lanka Advocacy. During the event, Annemarie Devereux, head of the UN Sri Lanka Accountability Project (SLAP) at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), presented the investigative report that...

Rajapaksa-ally set to lead Sri Lankan cricket tour of England

The former cricketer and ex-parliamentarian with the Rajapaksa clan, Sanath Jayasuriya, has been appointed as the interim coach of Sri Lanka's national team, as they prepare to tour England later this year. Jayasuriya is a controversial figure, having aligned himself with war criminals and himself served a two-year ban from cricket-related activity by the International Cricket Council's (ICC) anti-corruption unit, after he failed to co-operate in a corruption investigation. He was also previously a member of parliament representing the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), under then-...

EDITORIAL - Change overdue

After 14 years of Conservative government, the British Labour Party has returned to power. In the days since assuming office, the newly elected Prime Minister Keir Starmer declared that Britain is “back on the international stage”, having held key meetings with NATO allies and European leaders. The prime minister has repeatedly pledged to rapidly enact the “work of change”. When it comes to British policy on Sri Lanka, that change is long overdue.

Hindu extremist groups step up activities in Tamil Eelam

Hindu nationalist organisations have increased their presence and activities in Tamil Eelam over recent months, including by supporting the release of a racist Sinhala Buddhist monk. Earlier this year, the ‘Hindu Federation of Sri Lanka’ wrote to Sri Lanka’s president Ranil Wickremesinghe, calling on him to pardon Sinhala Buddhist extremist monk Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara. The monk, a notorious racist, was sentence to four years of imprisonment for defamatory remarks he made against the Muslim community, during a 2016 press conference. He was released on bail this week. The organisation...

India eyes abandoned Oddusuddan brick and tile factory

The Indian High Commission Head of Chancery, and Commercial Representative Shri V Ram Mahesh made a visit to the long-abandoned Oddusuddan Brick and Tile Factory signifying an interest in the Indian government's attempt to revive the debilitated factory. Consecutive governments, private companies, and even the military which occupies a significant part of real estate in the North-East that houses military camps have attempted to revive the factory, with little fruition. The factory was last reported about in the local press in 2021, when the Secretary to the Ministry of Industries V.P.K...

Despite years of failure, another 'task force' reported for Sri Lanka's OMP

A special task force led by the Sri Lankan President’s Secretary has been formed to accelerate the operations of the Office of Missing Persons (OMP), according to a report in Virakesari, despite the failure of the office to have any tangible process on the issue and years of Tamil protests against it.

Human Rights Watch says PTA detentions have continued under Ranil Wickremesinghe

Human Rights Watch (HRW) have stated that Sri Lanka has continued to use the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to "target perceived opponents and minority communities without credible evidence" despite repeated promises to repeal the legislation and a moratorium on its use. The PTA allows Sri Lankan authorities to detain individuals without charge and denies due process rights. The draconian legislation has been used for decades against Tamils and Muslims. “Sri Lanka’s extensive domestic security apparatus routinely uses baseless accusations of terrorism to target innocent people,...

Dozens of bodies unearthed during 10-day excavation of Kokkuthoduvai mass grave

As many as 52 skeletal remains, fragments of artillery, and clothing resembling LTTE uniforms have been recovered from the 10 days of excavation work at the Kokkuthoduvai mass grave site.