Softly, softly on Sri Lankan boat-people

This country enjoyed a warm glow early in the life of the previous Government when it relieved Australia of some of the so-called Tampa refugees. Green MP Keith Locke believes we should do it again, this time for asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka who have been picked up by an Australian customs vessel and returned to Indonesia , where they are refusing to disembark. This country needs to be careful as well as compassionate. It must do nothing to undermine Australia 's legitimate efforts to control its borders. With a vast, empty coast facing Asia and the Indian Ocean , Australians naturally...

New Wave

Sinhala oppression is feeding Tamil flight anew.

Treat Tamil asylum seekers by the book

Canada's immigration minister is talking tough over the disposition of 76 Sri Lankan men who were intercepted off the B. C. coast

Close the camps in Sri Lanka

Canada's Toronto Star calls for the closing of the internment camps in Sri Lanka

No Answers

The logic of ‘dialogue amongst moderates’ amid genocide

Natural Order

Why Sri Lanka ignores international outrage over the camps

Great Expectations - Still

Tamil anger is held in check by international commitments.

Fostering Hatred

Sri Lanka is laying the foundations for renewed war.

Life during peacetime

With Sri Lanka's war over, there is no excuse for anti-Tamil policies

Extortion Economy

Sri Lanka’s crisis was made possible by international engagement.