Justice is Security

Only war crimes convictions can ensure there is no repeat.

Coming Contradiction

When Sri Lanka's military finally defeated the Liberation Tigers in May 2009, having also slaughtered tens of thousands of Tamil civilians, President Mahinda Rajapakse and the rest of the Sinhala establishment were confident that not only would the Tamils now meekly acquiesce to Sinhala rule, but so would the international community. They were wrong on both counts. Not only have the Tamils endured the ravages inflicted on them during and after the war, they still stubbornly insist on their demand for self-rule. On the other hand, rather than embrace the Sinhala ethnocracy, the international community is doggedly pursuing its transformation into a liberal market democracy.

Dismantling Sinhala Utopia

Global liberalism confronts Sri Lanka’s ethnocracy.

Accounting for Vanni will define Sri Lanka’s future.

2009’s single, protracted program of state-conducted slaughter has a sixty year-long antecedent.

Impossible Dream

Sri Lanka’s elections repeat lessons the lessons of 1956.

Representing Tamils

What use are Tamil MPs in a Sinhala ethnocracy?

The Diaspora

Expatriate Tamils will not be excluded from the Tamil question in Sri Lanka.

Liberal Gamble

The reality underlying Sri Lanka’s elections.

Open Voice

The Diaspora seeks to speak instead of being spoken for.

Historical Constant

Why the outcome of Sri Lanka’s elections is irrelevant.