Dissuade India from backing Rights violator Sri Lanka, Boston Globe tells Clinton

"When it comes to regional issues, Clinton should make the case that the expanding US-Indian relationship gives Indian leaders more strategic flexibility. They can stop trying to match their Chinese counterparts in backing regimes, such as those in Burma and Sri Lanka, that have committed gross human-rights abuses against their own people. If a shared respect for democratic values forms the foundation for the burgeoning US-India partnership, Indian leaders should be able to heed any such counsel from Clinton," the Saturday July 18, editorial in Boston Globe said.

Living Horror

Sri Lanka’s concentration camps exemplify ethnic relations there.


Sri Lanka is – again – trying to make money through Tamil suffering.

The Liberal Moment

These are both revealing and defining times for the Tamils and Sri Lanka.

Witness to disaster

The silence of those who were warned of civilian deaths in Sri Lanka is shameful. They must speak out now to prevent future atrocities wrote The Times in an editorial on 30 May.

Our Holocaust

The struggle for Tamil liberation is entering a new phase.

Disconnect and Mobilisation

The West wants the Tamils to make it easy and forget the genocide.

Great Expectations

How will Western liberal states respond to the Tamils’ appeals?

Futile Wait

Sri Lanka’s slaughter reveals the fiction of international liberalism.

Different Certainties

How international belief in a fictional Sri Lanka fuels the slaughter.