State Security

The Tamils’ security depends on their own efforts - and nothing else.

False Gods

The Co-Chairs have left the Tamil people’s fate in their hands.

Peace or Perpetual War?

The moment has come for the Tamils to unite as a people and stand fast.

Back to the Future

Ethnic enmity is now the very fabric of ‘Sri Lanka’.

Ideological Blindness

Western dogma ensures support for Sri Lanka against the Tamils.

The Land Of The Blind

So, did you heed the government's call and hang the Lion Flag over your front door last week? If you did, feel free to turn the page. If not, dear worthy, liberal-minded soul, we pray you read on.

Familiar History

For three decades the Tiger has gone from strength to strength.

Remembering Tamilselvan

On the first anniversary of Tamilselvan’s funeral Tamil Guardian takes a look back at the editorial from last year, 7 November 2007.

Wrong Premise

The International Community thinks there’s still a single Sri Lanka

Improving the Tamils

International support for Sri Lanka’s violence is underpinned by a contemptuous view of what the Tamils are.