A Time of Change

New challenges and opportunities for the Tamil freedom struggle.

Another Time of Need

As a humanitarian crisis unfolds, the Diaspora needs to help again.

Inescapable Reality

The goodwill of the Sinhala majority is a brittle basis for lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

Same, Same

Why should the Tamils expect a change in international conduct?

Living Proof

Kosovo's victorious march to independence has lessons for other liberation struggles

Emerging Mayhem

The world will come to face a choice: perpetual conflict in the island or a two-state solution.

True Colours

Why the UNP was never committed to federalism.


The effects of today’s dynamics on Sri Lanka’s sociopolitical fabric will be powerful and long lasting.

Now What?

The APRC legitimized international support for Rajapakse’s war.

Not So Simple

Development-led pacification will not work in Sri Lanka's Northeast.