Emblematic Act

The lessons of July 1983

Revealing Silence

International inaction stems from divergent interests.

And Then They Came For Me...

Secular Sinhalese hung their heads in shame last week as government storm-troopers rounded up the Tamil citizenry of Colombo and herded them into busses, to be taken to God knows where. Young and old, shy and bold, they were equally affected: no one was spared. Grandmothers separated from their grandchildren, sisters separated from their brothers, diabetics separated from their insulin. In scenes reminiscent of the Final Solution, the Mahinda Chinthanaya swung into action, leaving no one in doubt that Sri Lanka's is a government of the racists, by the racists, for the racists. It is but a...

Flawed Logic

The ‘war on terror’ will not bring peace to Sri Lanka.

Politics, Not Morals

Only an end to state oppression can bring peace to Sri Lanka

Fig Leaf

Rights monitoring is pointless without firm international action

Early Warning

The LTTE has demonstrated more than simply its air capability.

Double Exposure

Why this international indifference to Tamil suffering?

Ceaseless Dynamic

Sri Lanka's cycle of oppression and resistance continues.

New War

President Rajapakse's enthusiasm for war is infectious.