Déjà vu

Elaborate theatre to appease international demands

Sri Lanka's uncivil war

Theacknowledgment of a Tamil right to self-rule in their own homeland marks a welcome evolution in US policy.

A sterile battle

''The Tamils have already made the biggest concession of all by making a form of self-rule, rather than independence, their aim.”

Twice Not Shy

A lasting political solution means regional peace

Dead End

Nothing has changed since the ‘War for Peace’ ended.

US, EU blacken hopes for Tamils

Desperate people do desperate things.

Silent Complicity

International silence is emboldening Sri Lanka’s military.

Inevitable Outcome

Sooner or later, there will be a return to open war.

Lacking Conviction

The international monitors have set a dangerous precedent.

Regrettable, counterproductive

Canada’s banning of the LTTE will embolden the Sinhala hawks and bring war closer.