It's the global economy, stupid

For the custodians of the global economy US, EU and Japan, ensuring Sri Lanka's stability, not a just peace, is the pressing priority.

Partition wanted, cannot be denied

States enjoy no legitimacy without the consent of their territorial minorities. Britain went to war for this principle in Kosovo.

Ugly Reality

Tamils need to come to terms with the fact that the international community is simply not interested in their difficulties.

What's in it for India?

For decades, cautious and limited engagement with Sri Lanka's ethnic crisis has not served India's interests.

We must unite and act

The world has turned away. The Tamils must find a way out of this crisis on their own.

Driven away

Tourists won’t put up with bombs and random violence. I am writing this on my laptop in the thatched dining area of our cabanas in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, safe in the knowledge that we are the only guests here. Given the rising level of violence, and the refusal of both sides to make concessions in peace talks, it is no surprise that tourists haven’t exactly been flocking to this fabled isle. And after the LTTE attack on the Galle naval harbour last month, there have been massive cancellations. Long considered safe, the attack on Galle demonstrated yet again the long reach of the Tigers...

Canadian Tamils feel marginalized and muzzled

Tamils fear they have lost their right to fundamental freedoms of conscience, thought, belief, opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and association enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The future of Tamil parliamentary politics

The Tamils are mentioned in this Sinhala Parliament only when it is time to renew Emergency Regulations.

No moral equivalency

The international community’s failure to unreservedly condemn the government's war crimes and issuing mere “regrets” will signal that a military solution is condoned.

Human shields: the new front

‘Human shields’ is the perfect logic through which to prosecute a war that punishes the Tamil populace for supporting the LTTE.