Human shields: the new front

‘Human shields’ is the perfect logic through which to prosecute a war that punishes the Tamil populace for supporting the LTTE.

Genocide, with a little help

We cannot rely on the international community to restrain the Sri Lankan state.

Petition Tony Blair

We can no longer sit and watch such this genocide happening.

Demerger: lessons for the future

The Supreme Court ruling demonstrates is the fragility of constitutional changes, even when underwritten by powerful international actors such as India.

Implications of joint US - Sri Lanka military exercises

The participation by US ships of the 5th fleet and over 1000 troops in exercises with Sri Lanka's military is significant for many reasons.

The paradox of international policy

The more successful Sri Lanka’s military efforts are, the less international support there will be for a negotiated solution.

Why Tamils say genocide

It does not take mass deaths to destroy a nation.

‘A humanitarian catastrophe due to the economic embargo’

The full statement by the TNA before its protest, delivered by Mavai Senathirajah MP

History of Intransigence

Why has devolution of any form not happened already, almost sixty years since independence and thirty years since Sri Lanka’s war began?

Blackouts and blockades

Sri Lanka is humanitarian services as a weapon of war.