General Fonseka and the challenges to Sri Lankan democracy

President Rajapakse’s crackdown on political opponents, including the arrest of the defeated opposition presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka, is not as unexpected or as surprising as many commentators are suggesting.

Shaping Western policy on Sri Lanka

Following the end of decades of armed struggle in May last year, western states, led by the United States of America and the European Union, are reviewing their policy on Sri Lanka . Having followed a path of working with the state to defeat terrorism, the West now has to choose between working with an oppressive state or attempting to reform Sri Lanka into a liberal state with respect for human rights and liberal values. Over the past three decades, in the presence of an armed non-state actor, Sri Lanka had successfully managed to mask its genocidal actions as fight against terrorism. Till...

Trampled Tamils lack election appetite

As a video prompts UN calls for an inquiry into war crimes by Sri Lankan troops, Tamils are in no mood to play kingmaker

These candidates are largely to blame for destroying our people

As far as we Tamils are concerned, this is not the right time for any sort of election, regardless of who the candidates are.

Sri Lanka's choice, and the world's responsibility

Pity the poor Sri Lankan voter. As presidential elections loom on Jan. 26, the public is faced with a choice between two candidates who openly accuse each other of war crimes.

US report on Sri Lanka slammed by rights organisations, welcomed by Sri Lanka

Despite the mass human rights violations and war crimes the Sri Lankan government has committed and continues to commit, a new report published by a US senate committee suggests that the US should seek ‘warmer ties’ with Sri Lanka due to the geo-political significance of the island.

Never Again?

What the Holocaust can't teach us about modern-day genocide

The 2013 CHOGM - will it still be 1984 in Sri Lanka?

The government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has trouble with the truth. Alongside a track record of distortions and outright lies, its mastery of doublespeak of the sort Orwell so brilliantly narrated in his novel 1984 is both well-known and a thing to behold.

Sarath Fonseka: the frying pan or the fire?

This piece is written on the assumption that Sarath Fonseka (SF) will stand for the presidency and be supported by a Joint Opposition (JO) of the UNF, the JVP and possibly minority parties. However, Rajapakse keeps dithering about an election because he will have to quit promptly in the unlikely event that he loses; hanging on for the remainder of the first term, whatever the constitutional position, will see the streets ablaze. Will he take the chance? Also by putting back the election Rajappakse makes the JO and SF stew and squabble for a year or two. So read on with these several caveats...

Norway finances humiliation of Tamils

ON 17 th May 2009, while most of the people in Norway were preoccupied with having sausage and ice-cream [Editor's note: 17th May is the national day of Norway], one of the longest running and certainly the most bloodiest civil war in Asia, the civil war in Sri Lanka, came to a sudden and brutal end. The remaining of the entire leadership of the liberation movement, the Tamil Tigers, succumbed to rain of bombs on the beaches outside the village of Mullaithivu in the north-eastern part of the country, together with thousands of civilians, many of them sympathisers and family members of active...