Reconciliation cannot come without parity and dignity

When the Second World War was ending in the Western Theatre in May 1945, the British public made one of its wisest decisions in history in sending Winston Churchill to political retirement and electing Clement Atlee who was able to evoke new hopes about freedom of peoples all over the world by announcing independence to colonies. Postal votes cast by British soldiers experiencing the pulse of peoples in different parts of the world in fact made the edge of the decision. The war that is declared ended in the island of Sri Lanka fails to evoke any hopes in the minds of the masses in the island...

Situation in Sri Lanka absolutely grim – Arundhati Roy

That the Indian government armed and trained the LTTE is well known. But then it switched sides. India has done everything it can, including blocking the demand for an investigation into the possibility that the Sri Lankan government might be guilty of having committed war crimes in this war against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

Tamils’ horrific treatment makes them desperate to leave

The "tough talk" over the case of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Australia 's abrogation of its responsibility to these people in deals with Indonesia (which have turned sour) has left me puzzled and disappointed. Where was this "tough talk" when Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka were being relentlessly shelled by the Sri Lankan military in the war earlier this year? What practical measures has the Australian Government taken to address the suffering of Tamil civilians in the internment camps in Sri Lanka since the war ended in May? More than 250,000 Tamil...

Softly, softly on Sri Lankan boat-people

This country enjoyed a warm glow early in the life of the previous Government when it relieved Australia of some of the so-called Tampa refugees. Green MP Keith Locke believes we should do it again, this time for asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka who have been picked up by an Australian customs vessel and returned to Indonesia , where they are refusing to disembark. This country needs to be careful as well as compassionate. It must do nothing to undermine Australia 's legitimate efforts to control its borders. With a vast, empty coast facing Asia and the Indian Ocean , Australians naturally...

End of Whose History?

The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall has just been celebrated. For many, that momentous event marked the so-called end of history and the final victory of the West. This week, Barack Obama, the first black president of the once-triumphant superpower in that Cold War contest, heads to Beijing to meet America’s bankers — the Chinese Communist government — a prospect undreamt of 20 years ago. Surely, this twist of the times is a good point of departure for taking stock of just where history has gone during these past two decades. Let me begin with an extreme and provocative point...

Treat Tamil asylum seekers by the book

Canada's immigration minister is talking tough over the disposition of 76 Sri Lankan men who were intercepted off the B. C. coast

Children in Sri Lanka’s Concentration Camps

Children held in "welfare camps".

A view framed by barbed wire

The fate of a quarter of a million interned Tamils is poisoning Sri Lanka’s hopes of ethnic reconciliation

Behind the Sri Lankan bloodbath

Colombo's victory over the Tamils shows India's power on the wane.

The road to stability in Afghanistan runs through Pakistan and India

Examining the role of Pakistan and India in stabilising Afghanistan