Sri Lanka's big fleet of little boats

The Sri Lankan navy also has 83 small patrol craft from American, Israeli, British, Korean, French, and Sri Lankan sources.

‘Pre-planned rioting as police stood by’

A group of NGO representatives investigate the anti-Tamil riot of April 16.

Military air strikes fuel fear and hate

One of the first journalists to reach the LTTE-held territory of Muthur - bombarded by Sri Lankan forces last month - meets both Tigers and residents.

Refugees tell of butchery and rape

Trincomalee's Tamils describe a premeditated killing spree.

Tamil community reflects on change in New Year

‘Things we didn’t get in Sri Lanka we are celebrating’

Canada’s Tamils still bank on Tigers despite ban

‘Most Tamils think the LTTE will get them the best deal’

New Muslim battalion amid militancy furore

As LTTE demands ‘Jihad’ paramilitaries be disarmed, Sri Lanka recruits more Muslim troops.

‘An alarming development’

The LTTE’s Chief Negotiator and Political Strategist, Anton Balasingham discusses the ‘Jihad’ paramilitaries in Trincomalee.

Solheim: ‘International community supports Tamil right to self-rule’

Norwegian Development Minister Erik Solheim says Norway remains committed to helping end the conflict.

Training continues amid Tiger scepticism

“The enemy has been given a serious opportunity to opt for peace. We are yet to see a clear choice favouring peace from the enemy. If they don’t disarm the paramilitaries, they don’t desire peace.”