Growth statistics mask deepening economic crisis

There is a growing scepticism about the veracity of Sri Lanka's GDP statistics.

A day of national grief

All sections of Tamil society came together in common appreciation of the freedom struggle.

Depopulation is part of Rajapakse's genocidal war

The Sinhala supremacist regime of President Mahinda Rajapakse has a major politico - military objective against which the Tamil people are regarded as being of no consequence

Licence to arrest and torture

'The PTA provides an incentive for interrogating police to obtain confessions from detainees by any means, including torture'

US: LTTE is not a threat to region or world

‘The Tigers are representing the Tamils in negotiations with Sri Lanka’

Divided experts present four different proposals

The main issues of contention dividing the 'majority' report and other, dissenting reports, are matters like the extent of devolution: the dissenters, all Sinhalese, want to strengthen the unitary state while the majority group want devolution.

Colombo bombing exposes security failings

Defence Secretary has a narrow escape as his Presidential-style screen is penetrated. Luck, not security, say analysts

Singh: 'Civilian deaths of utmost concern and sorrow'

Indian Prime Minisiter Manmohan Singh has written to Mr. Vaiko, the General Secretary of the pro-LTTE MDMK in Tamil Nadu, sharing his concerns about the Sri Lankan government's attacks on civilians.

Slain aid workers mourned as probe drags

"In this kind of situation we have to be very cautious because [the investigation] can be manipulated"

‘They want to wipe us Tamils out’

Thousands flee Sri Lanka on wave of terror.