‘They took me to Colombo and tortured me’

Tamils who fled Sri Lankan military harassment are in limbo amid rising violence

‘Undeclared’ war takes toll in Jaffna

“Anything can happen at any time,” M. V. Kanamylnathan, chief editor of the Tamil-language newspaper Uthayan said from his offices.

Balasingham: Sri Lanka can still avert new war

In a wide ranging interview, the Liberation Tigers’ theoretician and chief negotiator, Mr. Anton Balasingham elucidated the LTTE’s view on the recent controversy stirred by the international ceasefire monitors comments on the Sea Tigers, on the performance of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) and on the escalating cycle of violence.

‘We won a mandate backing the LTTE’

The coalition of Sri Lanka’s four largest political parties, criticizes the European Union’s stance on the ethnic conflict.

NGOs implicated in pornographic DVDs

Sexual abuse has taken place mainly in some of the worst tsunami-affected areas.

LTTE navy 'sophisticated, impressive'

Sea Tigers’ merchant navy can compete with small island state, study says.

Sri Lanka's big fleet of little boats

The Sri Lankan navy also has 83 small patrol craft from American, Israeli, British, Korean, French, and Sri Lankan sources.

‘Pre-planned rioting as police stood by’

A group of NGO representatives investigate the anti-Tamil riot of April 16.

Military air strikes fuel fear and hate

One of the first journalists to reach the LTTE-held territory of Muthur - bombarded by Sri Lankan forces last month - meets both Tigers and residents.

Refugees tell of butchery and rape

Trincomalee's Tamils describe a premeditated killing spree.