Remembering the Jaffna exodus

The displacement of the entire town of Jaffna has had a profound impact on Tamil self-understanding.

‘Dual use’ targets and double standards

The doctrine of the US military and its allies accepts the necessity in war of destroying economic targets, particularly those with ‘dual-uses’

Still no closure, a decade later

'Almost every evening, dead bodies were brought there and soldiers were asked to bury them'

EPDP: examining an alternative

Whilst registered as a political party, the EPDP's primary role is as one the military’s most effective paramilitary groups.

Acrimony brews again over Pulmoddai sands

Cash-strapped Sri Lanka plans to resume mining ilmenite rich sands. The LTTE has vowed to prevent the ''plundering'' of Tamil resources.

Tamil civilisation - is it the oldest?

Evidence of a civilisation which reached a high level of development, organisation and cultural advancement from as early as 11,000 years ago is emerging in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu furore over moral policing

Three different instances of moral policing involving academicians, politicians and the police have stirred a hornet’s nest.

Witness to Thileepan’s fast

‘As we entered the premises of the Nallur Kandasamy temple we were confronted by a sea of people seated on the white sands under the blazing sun.’

Fear dogs Mannar rape trial

The difficulty in bringing the Sri Lankan military personnel responsible for rights abuses to justice was highlighted last week when one victim in a high profile rape case disappeared and the other reported receiving death threats.

‘I was screaming and pleading’

A victim remembers a night in Sri Lankan military custody