Why US is shifting its nuclear stand with India

An American bargain on nuclear technology may signal a view of India as a counterbalance to China - and herald the fraying of the principles behind the nuclear non-proliferation regime

Profile of a shadow war veteran

The veteran Sri Lankan intelligence officer shot dead on May 30 was a central figure in the atrocity-punctuated paramilitary aspects of the counter-insurgency campaign against the LTTE in the early nineties then had a critical role in the deep penetration attacks on LTTE commanders and officials.

Economy expands, 'no pressure from defense'

Aid inflows, increasing exports, an expansion in agriculture and a revival in tourism bode well for Sri Lanka

Mutual benefits of profits from poverty

Adam Smith''s invisible hand of capitalism is at work in mysterious ways, writes Peter Day, Presenter with BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service

LTTE-GoSL Ceasefire Agreement 2002

Agreement on a ceasefire between the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam