Ending Chaos

An effective state is peerless as a coordinating body.

In the Air

Will the Presidential contenders eschew Sinhala nationalism?

Sanctioning Violence

How the EU’s actions undermine the peace process.

Faith, Hope and Charity

Will Kumaratunga have to deliver on her promises?

Deepening Mistrust

Belligerence mounts as Kumaratunga procrastinates


Bindunuwewa outcome: A state steeped in Sinhala chauvinism

Unwarranted Prohibition

Police action unfairly stigmatises Britain’s Tamils

Action, Not Words

Sinhala leaders have never honoured a deal with the Tamils

Let Live and Live

Colombo’s aggression will undoubtedly be matched

Agent Orange

The breach in Buddhist hegemony must be widened