Regrettable, counterproductive

Canada’s banning of the LTTE will embolden the Sinhala hawks and bring war closer.

Sign of the Times

Sinhala chauvinism lies just below Sri Lanka’s surface

Cocking a Snoop

A growing disconnect between the table and the ground.

Courting War

Provocations and a demonising campaign. Some peace process.

First Deal, First Hurdle

Sri Lanka simply won't disarm the paramilitaries.

Battle in Bossey

Sri Lanka's delegation is coming with a deal-breaking brief

Back to Basics

Normalcy will produce a solution – not the other way round.

Action, not words

What purpose talks if Rajapakse is unwilling or unable to deliver?

Interests, not values

The Tamils are getting a lesson in realpolitik.

Silver Lining

The tsunami built even as it destroyed.