Fragile Fictions

So much for ‘sovereignty’ and ‘territorial integrity’

Producing (In)Security

An independent Tamil Eelam is no threat to the community of states – in the region or beyond.

Concrete Realities

Why is the demand for Tamil Eelam more strident than ever before?

Symptom, not the Problem

The Tamils are seeking liberation, not just an end to human rights abuses.

Gone with the Wind

International actions have revealed the hollowness of external assurances.

Blunted Tool

The world’s powerful states have no more commitment to sovereignty than to human rights.

A Time of Change

New challenges and opportunities for the Tamil freedom struggle.

Another Time of Need

As a humanitarian crisis unfolds, the Diaspora needs to help again.

Inescapable Reality

The goodwill of the Sinhala majority is a brittle basis for lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

Same, Same

Why should the Tamils expect a change in international conduct?