Living Proof

Kosovo's victorious march to independence has lessons for other liberation struggles

60 Years of Oppression

Whatever suffering the Sinhala state and its international allies inflict on us, we are not going to give up now.

Emerging Mayhem

The world will come to face a choice: perpetual conflict in the island or a two-state solution.

Unavoidable Paradox

What international action would make the Sinhalese share power?

Eyes Tight Shut

International community struggles to face Sri Lanka’s reality.

Sign of the Times

The international community mistakenly hopes war will bring peace to Sri Lanka.

No Choice

The international community's strategy has made any rights the Tamils secure depend entirely on the outcome of the war.


Sri Lanka is under no real pressure on human rights

True Colours

Why the UNP was never committed to federalism.


The effects of today’s dynamics on Sri Lanka’s sociopolitical fabric will be powerful and long lasting.