Inevitable Outcome

Sooner or later, there will be a return to open war.

Lacking Conviction

The international monitors have set a dangerous precedent.

Regrettable, counterproductive

Canada’s banning of the LTTE will embolden the Sinhala hawks and bring war closer.

Sign of the Times

Sinhala chauvinism lies just below Sri Lanka’s surface

Cocking a Snoop

A growing disconnect between the table and the ground.

Courting War

Provocations and a demonising campaign. Some peace process.

First Deal, First Hurdle

Sri Lanka simply won't disarm the paramilitaries.

Battle in Bossey

Sri Lanka's delegation is coming with a deal-breaking brief

Back to Basics

Normalcy will produce a solution – not the other way round.

Action, not words

What purpose talks if Rajapakse is unwilling or unable to deliver?