The road to war was signposted

Sri Lanka’s ongoing offensive has been prepared openly over two years.

Deserving victims, just violence

The pogrom against Tamils in July 1983 was supported by deeply held ideological assumptions that still inform the political logic of the Sinhala people and their leaders.

July 1983 and the Tamil armed struggle

The 1983 violence effectively laid the foundation for a widespread conflict that is yet to be resolved.

A solution within the constitution is a mirage

It is a block to achieving peace or communal harmony in the country as it would bars fulfilment of any political aspirations of the Tamils.

Humanitarian urge morphing into thirst for war

Calls to send troops back into Lebanon beggar belief. We should dispatch the Red Cross, not the aircraft carriers

We have come full circle

The international community has - again - put the Sinhala establishment in charge of the Tamils’ future.

How the EU produced a war

Given that EU always had leverage over the Colombo government, it is surprising that things have gotten so bad.

Context determines who is a terrorist

Even Mandela would not escape label today

The end game that won’t end

What the international community have not quite grasped yet is that this is a Sri Lankan Government like none before.

Sri Lanka's uncivil war

Theacknowledgment of a Tamil right to self-rule in their own homeland marks a welcome evolution in US policy.