Development won’t end Sri Lanka’s war

The strategy being advocated by President Chandrika Kumaratunga today is a derivative of her ‘war for peace.’

UN terror resolution enables repression

‘But the open-ended language of the resolution means that it will be of greater help to abusive regimes than to the fight against terrorism’

Pawns on the board

Nevertheless, the primary objective of both Rajapakse and the various groups around him is to ensure his victory.

Security imbalance, not violence, threatens truce

The actual risk to the ceasefire is not violence per se, but the continuing non implementation of crucial aspects of the Agreement resulting in declining benefits from it.

Fighting the war the terrorists sought

Four years after 9/11, Americans have managed to show themselves, their friends and most of all their enemies the limits of American power.

Coalition politics and coalition economics

Are we strangling the peace process and thereby strangling the economy as well?

The chips are down

Self-interest is the name of the game and both Rajapakse’s and the JVP’s are served by the arrangement that has been made.

Being Tamil: pluralist or tribalist?

The irony of Lakshman Kadirgamar is that despite his famous assertion that he was not a tribalist, his effectiveness in justifying and rationalising Tamil civilian suffering depended critically on his ethnicity.

A state is defined by its practice

The willingness of governing bodies to strive for the welfare of those in their care, especially in the wake of a catastrophe, is a critical measure of their moral authority.

Sri Lanka’s rising risks whet investor appetite

Investors who expect their preferred political outcome to be a done deal may be underestimating the power of unabashed populism