Justifying a costly war in Sri Lanka

More than 2,000 years ago, a Sinhalese king named Dutugemunu saddled up his elephant and headed north to fight and kill Elara, an invading Tamil king from India.

‘Confessions’ by doctors raise doubts over lasting peace

Five Sri Lankan doctors who witnessed the bloody climax of the country’s civil war in May and made claims of mass civilian deaths as a result of government shelling of Tamil Tiger positions recanted much of their testimony.

‘'This is too much to take. Why is the world not helping?’

The report filed for The Guardian newspaper by UK medic Vany Gnanakumar, who is currently detained in Menik Farm camp, on 12 May.

Britain and the slaughter of the Tamils

Britain has enabled the violent oppression of the Tamils. Now it must compel Sri Lanka to cease its genocide

Perfect opportunity for US to prove credentials - think tank

"Barack Obama's administration has said it is committed to the principals of international law and humanitarian protection. Sri Lanka is the perfect opportunity for the new U.S. president to show that this is not empty rhetoric," according to an influential think tank which played a key role in the formation of Kosovo.

China fuels Sri Lankan war

Sri Lanka, the once self-trumpeted "island of paradise," turned into the island of bloodshed more than a quarter-century ago. But even by its long, gory record, the bloodletting since last year is unprecedented.

Why everyone should boycott Sri Lanka

The United Nations Agreement on Human Rights states, amongst other things, that individuals have the “right to life”, “the right to equality before the law” and “the freedom of assembly and association”.

`How many more boys have to die?'

Sri Lankan army's gains against Tamil Tigers too dearly bought, some soldiers' families say

Traumatised children and a disordered society in Tamil Eelam

Children can be more traumatized by the war than adults, but there are things we can do about it

And then they came for me

Lasantha Wickrematunghe, editor-in-chief of The Sunday Leader, who was gunned down in an execution-style shooting on Thursday, January 8, writing from his grave pointed the finger at his killers. Three days after the killing, Wickrematunge's newspaper published a haunting, self-written obituary in which he says he was targeted for his writings and adds: "When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me."