A return to full-blooded war

With both sides in Sri Lanka's civil war increasingly committed to military means, prospects for peace have all but evaporated.

Sinhala colonisation in the east is cloaked as ‘development’

The current international focus on human rights is insufficient to capture the cold calculations and reasoning in the intentions of the Sri Lankan state’s colonisation of Tamil and Muslim areas.

Witness to Thileepan’s fast

‘As we entered the premises of the Nallur Kandasamy temple we were confronted by a sea of people seated on the white sands under the blazing sun.’ Thileepan, the young Tiger leader of Jaffna, took the podium on the 14th September at the Nallur Kandasamy temple to commence his fast- unto-death as a protest against India’s failure to fulfill her pledges, and to mobilise the frustrated sentiments of the Tamils into a national mass upsurgence. Thileepan’s non-violent struggle was unique and extraordinary for its commitment. Although an armed guerrilla fighter, he chose the spiritual mode of ‘...

Mistaking night for day in the new dawn of the east

A review of the al-Jazeera Documentaries, ‘How the East was Won’ and ‘Monks of War’

The wretched of the earth

The Sri Lankan government may hail the scorching of the east as a victory but for the civilians of the east it is hell on earth.

Mistaking night for day in the new dawn of the east

A review of the al-Jazeera Documentaries, ‘How the East was Won’ and ‘Monks of War’

Sri Lanka economy slides

"There is clear evidence that production in several sectors of the economy was affected by the prevailing security conditions and the tight money policy."

I had hoped he would carry me, now I have to carry him

Displaced since 1990, a Tamil fisherman tells a tale of fleeing one tragedy only to find another catastrophe. Aloysius Premathas, having just seen his son loose his legs in a SLAF air-raid, recounts his familiy’s woes.

Life for ordinary Tamils gets worse

Every time 16-year-old Suresh Subramanium steps out of his home in Sri Lanka's heavily-guarded capital, his father says a silent prayer for his son's safe return. The Subramaniums are ethnic Tamils, and run a grocery store in Colombo. They have lived in the city all their lives, and have little connection to the north and east where government troops are fighting Tamil Tigers. But they say life for ordinary Tamils in Colombo is getting worse. "I can't step out of the house without my identity card and police papers. If I don't have them, I will be detained," Suresh said. Tamils, whose...

‘Every night now, I am afraid’

Sri Lankan authorities were rounding up hundreds of ethnic minority Tamils in the capital of Colombo, forcing them onto buses to destinations unknown. They were allowed to return two days later , after an international uproar , but many Tamils are afraid the expulsions could mark the beginning of a new wave of persecution, and that the next knock on the door might be even more dangerous. "I'm scared about what will happen," said the woman, Sanmugam Rasamma, who came back to Colombo after her expulsion. "I'm scared it could happen again." For two decades, the Tamil Tigers , a highly secretive...