Karumpuli Naal marked in Canada

Photographs Tamil Guardian Canadian Tamils came together on Friday July 5th to mark Karumpuli Naal remembering the lives of the elite LTTE force - the Black Tigers. Starting with the lighting of the lamp and the raising of the Canadian and Tamil Eelam flag, the event included a moment of silence, following by the lighting the lamp of sacrifice. Over 200 hundreds Canadian Tamils laid flowers as a mark of respect.

Tamil Eelam celebrate 3rd place finish after stunning 5-0 victory

Tamil Eelam secured 3 rd place at the Tynwald Hill International football tournament in a rampant 5-0 victory against Raetia. {more}

Tamil Eelam footballers celebrate Isle of Man national day

After a glorious win for Tamil Eelam on Thursday , the team had a day off to rest, train and explore the local culture. Friday saw the visiting teams celebrate the Tynwald Day festival, a Manx national holiday. The Tamil Eelam team, attending in their team tracksuits, generated interest around the open air festival as locals flocked to the players to congratulate the team and express their support. Tamil Eelam players get involved in local festivities As testament to the popularity of Tamil Eelam on the island, the team's official Tynwald Hill merchandise has been selling the fastest, with...

Tamil Eelam football players arrive in London

Tamil Guardian went to catch up with Tamileelam's UK football players joined by players from Germany and France who arrived on Tuesday. Their teammates from Canada, Italy and Switzerland are expected later this week. The team welcomes many new faces this year, including a number of professional footballers that have played in the German and Italian football leagues.

Tamil genocide exhibitions held in Canada

A series of mobile exhibitions, portraying the genocide of Tamils, were held in several locations in Canada. The ‘Thazhumbakam’ (Tamil Genocide Memorial Museum) exhibitions, showed various aspects of the structural genocide through paintings.The exhibitions were held in McMaster University, Carleton University, Ryerson University Library, York - York University, Waterloo University, the Civic Centre in Markham and in Toronto’s Queens Park. Thazhumbakam, an initiative by the Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance, aims to “broaden public understanding of the history of the Tamil Genocide”, including “...

Ellaalan commemorates Mullivaikkal with his first single

The run up to this year’s Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day has seen the Tamil nation express itself through various creative avenues, from marches through city centers, to choreographed dance, to haunting works of poetry. The latest avenue of expression to be explored is the world of hip-hop. A British Tamil rapper, Ellaalan, has produced his debut rap song in collaboration with producer Santhors. The new single ‘Viduthalai Part II' , underlining the rapper’s discontent with the Eelam Tamil situation, was released on Friday. *Warning: explicit language*

British university sports league ends year in style

As another academic year draws to a close at universities in Britain, just before they went off to hit the books and study for exams, Tamil students from across the country came together to celebrate the climax of another thrilling season of university sports. Held at the Kanchans Banqueting Suite in London, the event was the culmination of another even-more competitive season of football and netball, as teams from Tamil university societies battled it out to be crowned champions. After a tough season, that saw a huge amount of talent on the football pitch, the final match came down to Queen...

London Tamils rally to regenerate local area

The Tamil Business Forum based in Croydon, a large town in South London, have protested against plans to open a new betting shop in the town, over growing concerns of the impact gambling has had on the area. Picture courtesy of Croydon Guardian The protests come as figures revealed that more than £160 million were spent on betting machines in Croydon North in 2012 alone, an area with a constituency of just over 85,000 people. Ganapathy Kasinathan of the London Road Business Association told the Croydon Guardian , “This is a poor area and having another shop targets people already desperate...

Pongalo Pongal!

Tamil youth in the UK celebrate Thai Pongal and Tamil new years Tamils across the world celebrated Thai Pongal and/or new years last month. Check out celebrations amongst British Tamil youth at the TYOUK and Canadian Tamils at the CTC's 6th Annual Thai Pongal Gala... TYOUK In the midst of an icy winter's morning in London, with a blink of sunshine, TYO UK members gathered together to celebrate the ancient Tamil festival of thanksgiving, Thai Pongal. A fire wood hearth was set up using three bricks and cooking began by putting a pongal paanai (pot) with water and milk on the hearth. Waiting...

Katka Kasadara showcases Tamil talent

British Tamil children showcased their remarkable talent at the Tamil language and literary greats during the Tamil Youth Organisation UK's third Tamil competition - Katka Kasadara. Children as young as three dazzled audiences with their inspiring recital of the much cherished works of the Tamil poets Thiruvalluvar and Avvaiyar. After four regional rounds, Abiraa Ramathas, Jeshvin Jesudas, Janusha Gnanapaskaran and Kavijan Vigneswaran won the first place in their respective age categories. Katka Kasadara 3 Finalists: 6 and under: 1st - Abiraa Ramathas 2nd - Varniya Varathan and Varunavy...