Team Tamil Eelam arrive in Erbil

Photographs courtesy of TEFA As Tamil Eelam's football team arrives in Erbil, Kurdistan and get stuck into a heavy day of training for their first match in the VIVA 2012 World Cup, Tamil Guardian spoke to the organising body of the Tamileelam FA (TEFA) - Global Tamil Youth League (T-League). Find more photographs of the team's journey and arrival in Erbil below. Team Tamil Eelam's football shirts packed up and ready to go Transcript of i nterview with Braveen Nagendram (BN), spokesperson for Global Tamil Youth League and member of Giovanni Tamil, Italy : TG: We've been following the progress...

Tamil Eelam gets ready for VIVA World Cup

The Tamil Eelam football team is set to make its debut entry at the VIVA World Cup, due to commence in Kurdistan next week.

French Tamils mark Mullivaiakkal

Tamils across France gathered in Paris earlier this month, to mark the 3rd anniversary of the Mullivaiakkal massacre. Thousands of Tamils attended the remembrance event, which was addressed by parliamentarians all expressing their solidarity with the Tamil people. Commencing at Severin outside the Supreme Court of France, the crowd marched through Paris, ending in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower, where several speakers addressed the crowd. Former Minister for Youth Affairs and National Assembly Member Marie-George Buffet told the crowd that she, 'would always be supportive of the Tamils...

German Tamils mark May 18th

German Tamils held events across Germany in remembrance of the victims of Mullivaikkal. Events took place in Berlin, Saarbrücken, Landau, Sinsheim and Mülheim an der Ruhr. Whilst people paid their respects by laying flowers, Tamil youth handed out leaflets detailing the on-gong atrocities taking place in the North-East, and a commemorative plaque was unveiled. The plaque, placed along side an apple tree, read: "Like the apple tree planted into the soil, so should the memories of the tens of thousands of murdered Tamils be deeply rooted in our thoughts."

Los Angeles students raise awareness of genocide with bake sale

A group of students in Los Angeles have hosted a bake sale to highlight the genocide of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, after learning about genocide in their high school classes. Held in Beverly Hills, hundreds of dollars were raised as passersby were drawn to the sale of cakes, cookies and wristbands. The students who began to research the genocide on the island, felt particularly passionate about what had happened and decided to try and raise awareness about the issue. Speaking to TamilNet , they said, "We searched videos and read articles of the Sri Lankan people and we felt that it was...

Tamils in Italy raise awareness in remembrance of Mullivaikal

Photographs: A remembrance event held in Reggio Emilia. Remembrance events were held in Italy earlier this week, to mark the 3rd anniversary of the Mullivaiakal massacre which claimed tens of thousands of civilian lives in 2009. In the city of Reggio Emilia, the Council of Eelam Tamil Italy (CETI) and Giovani Tamil organised an event to commemorate the genocide in the city square. Placing 40 bricks in the square, to represent the estimated 40,000 civilians massacred in the final stages of the armed conflict, the event drew a large crowd. Flyers were handed out by the organisation members, who...

Mullivaikal remembrance held in Australia

Eelam Tamils gathered in Sydney on Friday to commemorate the Senator Lee Rhiannon Mullivaikal massacre. An event at the Bahai centre saw various speakers, including Meena Krishnamoorthy, a survivor of the massacre, and Senator Lee Rhiannon from the Green Party of Australia. Seran Sribalan, Tamil youth activist from Australia told TamilNet : “Throughout the history of Tamil Eelam struggle, we have seen different types of problems and atrocities. But the Tamil resistance was able to overcome it. Similarly with Mu’l’livaaykkaal. While the occasion tells the world about the genocide of our people...

May massacre remembered in New Zealand

The Tamil Youth Organisation – New Zealand held an event to commemorate the Mullivaikal massacre on Saturday. Tamils from across New Zealand gathered to pay there respect by laying flowers at a memorial. Member of the New Zealand House of Representatives Jan Logie and human rights activist Maire Leadbeater gave speeches remembering the victims of the massacre. Members of the TYO – NZ played a video they produced, detailing the genocide of Tamils by Sri Lanka. The national flag of Tamil Eelam was raised at the event Jan Logie, Member of Parliament for the Green Party, speaking to the audience

Canadian Tamil youth remain bold remembering Mullivaikal

Remembering the massacre at Mullivaikal in May 2009, Canadian Tamil youth held a “Tamil Uprising Day” in Ontario earlier this week, marking the occasion as a symbol of protest. The rally, held near the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Queen’s Park, saw performances and speeches from the Tamil Youth Organisation of Canada and Tamil Student Associations members. Speeches were also given by Safiyah Husein, the Vice-President Equity of the York Federation of Students and James Clarke from the Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada’s largest peace organization. Also speaking at the event was the newly...

Raising awareness of May 19th massacre in Belgium

Tamils in Belgium raised awareness of the war crimes and genocide that led to the massacre of Mullivaikkal, this weekend, in memory of those who perished.