Koothu is king at 'Kings of Gaana 2012'

As Britain’s first university term drew to a close, students across the country geared up for the launch of the country's first ever inter-university gaana dance competition, “Kings of Gaana”. Based on ‘gaana’ dancing, a style derived from traditional Tamil folk music, the much anticipated competition saw teams from universities across the city competing to be crowned champions. The event hosted by King’s College London Tamil Society , saw a vibrant exhibition of Tamil culture from London’s student community, with committee members dressed in traditional Tamil clothing; the boys in vettis and...

UCL students break the silence on genocide

Students at the University College London closed the second week of the ‘Breaking the Silence’ campaign, after successful exhibitions at King’s College, Imperial College, Brunel University and London Metropolitan University. Being in close proximity to a Volunteering Society stall as well as an Occupy protest did little to draw attention away from the ‘Breaking the Silence’ posters and artwork which was exhibited in the South Cloisters – the connecting hallway of UCL’s main building as well as the access point to the college’s main library. Members of UCLU’s International Tamil Society were...

London Metropolitan University holds awareness exhibition

London Metropolitan University Tamil Society hosted this year's 'Breaking The Silence' exhibition, as part of an awareness raising campaign by London students highlighting the genocide of Tamils. The campaign, organised with university Tamil societies and the Tamil Youth Organisation UK, involves students making posters and flyers to display at universities across London. Taking place during the lively lunch hours in the university campus, the exhibition attracted dozens of students to their stall. Manned by dozens of volunteers, Tamils and non-Tamils alike, including members of staff came to...

Geneva protest in support of Jaffna students

The Tamil Youth Organisation – Switzerland held a protest last week, condemning the arrests of students at Jaffna University over the marking of Maveerar Naal. The youths gathered outside the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and demanded the immediate release of the students and called upon the international community and the United Nations to take concrete actions to secure the rights of Tamils.

Brunel University holds ‘Breaking the Silence’ exhibition

Following on from other London university Tamil societies, Brunel Tamil Society held a 'Breaking the Silence' exhibition in November, as part of campaign to highligh the genocide of the Tamil nation.

Canadian Tamil students stand in solidarity with Jaffna youth

Canadian University Tamil Students' Associations hold awareness campaigns on 4th December, about the arrest of Jaffna university students who took part in remembrance day events, to coincide with protest in Jaffna and across Europe.

Tamil youth in Norway protest against Jaffna Uni arrests

N orwegian Tamil youth held a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday with lights and banners, protesting against the arrest of students at the Jaffna University. Led by the Tamil Youth Organisation Bergen, the protesters condemned the Sri Lankan military's brutal attack on students in Jaffna. In a statement, TYO Bergen said, "most importantly this demonstration was held to show support to our fellow students and their right to freedom of speech and self-determination."

In solidarity with Jaffna uni students, British Tamils protest

Published 2038 GMT 04 Dec. Updated with more photos and videos 05 Dec 10:53 GMT. In act of solidarity, British Tamils protested on Tuesday, demanding the immediate release of the four Jaffna university students arrested by the Terrorism Investigation Department for defying the Sri Lankan security forces and marking Tamil remembrance day on the 27th November. Echoing Tamil youth in Jaffna, Tamil youth in the UK, from university Tamil societies across the country and the Tamil Youth Organisation UK, tied black clothing across their mouths, condemning the silencing of the freedom of speech of youth back home. Tamils across the generations joined the youth by 10 Downing Street, in London on a bitterly cold Winter's evening, to campaign for the release of the four students and for an end to the militarisation of the North-East. Carrying placards condemning the militarisation and on-going genocide, Tamils shouted, "stop attacking Tamil students", "self-determination, for the Tamil nation", "Sri Lankan Army, get out of Tamil Eelam" and "let us remember our heroes". Follow @TamilGuardian on Twitter for our live coverage of events.

Refugees in Tamil Nadu camp remember the Maaveerar

Photographs Pathivu Tamil refugees in the Pudhukottai refugee camp in Tamil Nadu marked Maaveerar Naal by lighting candles, playing Eelam songs, and paying their respects to the fallen. The father of the 2nd Lieutenant Ilanguyil A. Jeyasutha lighted the flame of sacrifice and saluted the memories of all those who'd given their lives to the struggle. Photographs Pathivu .

Maaveerar Naal marked in Saudi Arabia

Over a hundred Tamils gathered in Abha, Saudi Arabia to commemorate Maveerar Naal 2012 on Tuesday. Tamils travelled from several provinces to come together and paid their respects at the event. As the vast majority of Tamils in Saudi Arabia are migrant workers who have to return to Sri Lanka, pictures of individuals at the event were not publicised.